I personally have not brought chaos to my Mama life.

She brought chaos. I’m just making her aware of who helped her do this to herself. The chaos began when I went away. And it ends when I come home for good. In her mind. Not mine. Because I never left. She just misplaced me. Rearranged my location for some reason.

I have been met with chaos when I have gone home? Yes. Knives. Threats of police coming from a woman who is my own Mama and does not know I was raised in a family of policing people. Around lawyers and doctors. Why? Would I choose to break a law when I have lived with the truth of my own Mama breaking a law. I was sent to her first by divine placement. But she thought god had made a mistake? Or maybe the angle overshadowed her and told her this child was to be another’s that she was just the oven? She’s not told me why yet?

But. She does not seem happy with this outcome. Now that I am grown up and speak my own mind over hers and Mama jeans and society for that matter that tries to tell me what I need or want. I’ve always known what I wanted. No one listened to me. But me.

And now that I know what’s rightfully mine by the highest law. There is no one that will stop me from

Having it. Who’s gonna stop me from loving my mom? No one has. Who then would stop me from entering her door now? No one I would certainly hope to god! Now. That everyone has seen my scares. And knows the price I have paid for my own Mamas love that she will give me freely without condition so help me god. I claim that to be true.

Her heart is also my heart too. My sisters can act like it’s not. But science back it all up. So they just look dumb now. Who’s crazy now Victoria? I may appear younger sissy. But I’ve been around the block a few times, not even my kids knew that. I appeared so out together.

If anyone’s heart is broken cuz I want my Mama after 57 years? Well honey go get a shrink. I ain’t got time for that no more. Neither does she. It’s time she saw how her life looks with me by her side. Friends. Mother daughter. So much more then expected. A fabulous return on her investment in herself to find a way home and be accepted through me. A little time capsule of who she was added with a whole lot more. The evolved version of Linda who Be raised by Jean.

Yep. This is what Mama would be like if she was this part of herself she gave away to a stranger. All this and a bag of chips with a coke. And an antique now. Half a century old. Lol.

Mama just needed a little reminding. Some cajoling. She needed to get fired up again about what everyone said. And to know. I heard it to Mama. They said it to me too Mama. All that nasty stuff. Yes. Even Mama Jean said it. She knew not who she was speaking to Mama. You. Inside of me. And I’ve confirmed every hit on your character and recorded it to play back to you. Said to me. Your girl still. Having to listen to those fools saying those things about me and Mama today.

Loyalty? That’s funny. Never was a doubt which way I leaned. My Mama is my true north. Anything else is south east and west. Go north. Go higher. Ask God for what you want back. Watch god deliver. I asked God for this as a child.

Now? Who’s gonna even try and stop me now that they know why I earned back what was rightfully mine? I thought so. Respect is earned. And I respect myself enough to not compromise what is destiny always to go home. Maybe some haven’t made it. That’s not me. I made it. And am telling y’all how the cow ate this cabbage. Cus now I’m gonna go home to have some peace and quiet with my own Mama. Y’all be tripping.

Mess with me. I’ll mess with you until you see about me.

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