Back in the 60’s

Back in the 60’s when I was born, was a fine of change. Yes. I was born in a very big time of change.

From what I have gathered, by way of experiencing, is that people treat you like they got treated. And before the 60’s, even after Jesus said suffer the children to come unto me, people didn’t think much of children.

I mean look at history? And children?

And look at today and children. Seems the children changed. They are bolder at asking for what they want to see. Seems the parents let them be seen and heard. Nice. It’s about time. Because children are adults in training.

When I was young people said some pretty nasty things to me. Evidently? They thought I didn’t understand them? They also didn’t realize I would grow up and remember them and their words.

People who say, children should be seen and not heard. Are people who were treated like children who should be seen and not heard. What. A devaluation statement. And people say it all the time. To an orphan? It’s ten times worse to hear an adult talk so stupid and not be twins.

Yeah. I was that child having to listen to all that racist bullshit. Feeling like a slave myself. I wanted to go home. But I was adopted now. No getting out of that bowl of worms. Right? Oh? Growing up into an adult might? Get me out? When I say I would like to leave now. Thank you for your hospitality. How’s that? Not nice enough? To selfish? Does it seem an ungrateful statement? Seeing as I was held against my own will to go home.

Does this hurt everyone’s feelings? Does it make you now sad and not me? Seems to make my Mama unhappy? Although I can’t imagine why? Adoption didn’t break my spirit to live long enough to go home. Adoption fueled it.

Just wait till Mama hears and sees. She’s not gonna like this. That’s what I’ve been saying my whole life. What are you all saying I should say? Fuck her. Fuck home. Fuck it all. Is that better? Oh. To much is it? It would seem that no one now knows what the right course of action is. But me.

It’s seems this pawn has in fact been a queen all along wearing pawned clothes after being pawned off to be owned by a woman on the road of life. does that sound to brash for you? Oh my. What a pickle we are all in now that the children are all grown and can take back what was theirs all along. What will we do now? That 23and me and ancestors dot com are around to help us do just that? Who’s crazy now? Who didn’t plan for us to grow up and have minds of our own that know the laws been broken on our supposed behalf? Who’s laughing now👎

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