What does it take?

To go home. To take home with you because you never really left. What does it take to make folks see that’s true of us all. Maybe we just don’t take time to appreciate that? Why? Would any Mama?

Reject her own baby? If she hadn’t believed she was unworthy of a gift? From the bartender. Who? Would dare to call God crazy? To reject a perfect baby and call it a curse? Who did that? Anyone dare to claim this one? Not yet maybe. But at some

Point. You crossed this point. How did you do that? Why? How did you appear to remove me and yet I never really left you at all? I am purely curious. About your side of our connection. About how we have related with one another’s and our fears about the other and how we prayed through. That’s. The miracle.

It’s takes this person to climb above all the other voices screamed into my mind asking silly questions while I was always the answer. Living in a world that told my Mama I was not. Try doing that. Professional human here. That’s what affect this adoption experiment had on me. If anyone has a problem with me? Take it up with the proper authorities and my two Mamas.

They both wanted me to live this chopped up life. Making me act like it wasn’t. Presto chango leaving new in limo. In your mind not mine. Because I am me. And obviously not like anyone thought I would be. This is what you got. Proof of the affect. And intelligent enough to deceive it in many ways so folks can know what it was like by feeling it. A change agent. Born to change and evolve. Raised to try to stay the same. And that don’t work for no one that’s growing. We always bust out and grow farther.

What’s does it take? A whole lot of very dry updating to the family as quickly as one can and at the right time. a lot has happened to me. And you. Someone’s got to get this ball rolling again? After alerting y’all to some secret rules. A loop hole. Where nothing is held in this space. If there’s nothing in this space then send me something to place in this place to remind everyone, god is real if we ask. Not everyone asking for it. So they don’t get it.

I mean if you feel like you are missing out? But are we doing it to ourselves? Due to the fact we have not learned all the rules around here and how to fulfil a commitment in blood sacrifice. My life. Given up for who if not God and my Mama to prove love is real. And is strong.

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