More codependent talk

Codependent. This word so help me god is the new fly word. Buzzing around. Does anyone get it? But me?

Co. Meaning? Look it up.

Dependent. Meaning? Look it up.

Now. Put it back together. Now that you understand the root words.

Of course me and my Mamas are codependent on each other? Why would anyone tell someone not to stay connected? There are codependent relationships. And them their are codependent relationships that got stuck and stopped sharing and grew Stagnate. And that’s ok. Fear can set in. And can be worked out by addressing each fear and calling them out.

If my own Mamas aren’t here celebrating with me? That means they ain’t celebrating life? Thinking about death to much. If they don’t see our collective efforts with each other as trifle? We Houston. We have a problem. cuz God played a joke on you both and made me. Honey!! Either way at some point we all could be laughing or crying? Have we had enough crying behind the iron curtain adoption erected so long ago between children and their mothers and families?

Oh! Did I go there? Yeah. I went there like my mama told me too. And I looked at it. Smelled it. Tasted it. Touched it. Experienced it all. Did my own Mama think I would come out soooo literal?! After going through conception and growing inside my Mamas womb, I surmised much of why I am here. To prove a point about a lot of things. Way ahead of schedule with these low numbers? I love it. When it hits it will be epic.

Build it. And they will come. Did Kevin C mean to go this far? And build it in the air? Psyche Cafe Inc. in the air. Ruling my air waves and affecting the waves that enter here. And that means your Ego will take the hit gladly. Because you need it. That’s the only reason people keep going back to a place like this. They need a good shot in the arm. Of reality.

What is real? What do you want to be real? Change is in our minds. On your marks. Ready. Set go. Let’s use our minds to make some shit real and happening. Let’s get things Poppin like cardi B says.

Well. This is a station of this broadcasting sister. To you the reader. Take what resonates. And please say thank you if you can find the strength to push the like star button. Thanks. Again for all the efforts at make me feel also as special as you feel about yourselves. ❤️

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