Co dependent

This word just keeps coming up? My daughter tells me that wanting to help her with the VA is codependent? None of my business?

Yet? She confides in me about it? So I am not soliciting unwanted anything?? She asked me to come with her? Then. Had me go get gas so I wasn’t there? Which means I could do nothing about what happened? Does that seem? Codependent? No. It seems like a Mother wondering why her daughter is struggling to talk to a doctor that works for her? Why they don’t listen to her? Seems that is their job?

And? Codependent means a mutual something? I do have a mutual interest in my daughter getting the best standard of care? She paid with her life for it just like every other Veteran did? Why isn’t the VA the best? And why does my daughter leave each appointment perplexed and not feeling cared for? Is the VA now going to certify that her feelings are broken? They already admired or breaking her by deeming her disabled. 100%.

She may just go ahead and hate me for posting this but I am fed up for all of us veteran Mamas and Daddy’s that give a shit. Some veterans have family! They are family! I feel like the VA just don’t get it these days? Pushing papers all around at the Yuba City, Ca VA. Does ding 45 minutes or more talking in front of everyone about where to put the corona virus blah blah blah. I felt like saying? Why isn’t it here already? Number 1my ass! Walmart’s better then this place. Y’all think these veterans didn’t pay! And it shows. Oh yes. It shows me what you think about them and us, their families.

Well. Not on my watch! This shoes got to end. So I’m talking about it Angela Marie! Here. this is bullshit that Mama came fix! Cuz all ya Mamas got to do it. We are the first trainers. If our kids even they aren’t your kids. All the kids. Are our kids is how I see it. Go big or go home. And come back tomorrow and try harder. Ain’t no body going anywhere so we might as well do a good job? Nurse doctor. Trained and yet acts so bad they should just go into the movies? As a bad doctor or nurse?

She recorded it. And I listened. Lame. They blew her off. She asked about meds and they keep trying to get her to take what does not work? Adapt!! My goodness. Like some old man on a slope upward? slow. Micro managed. Paper pushing. Powers hungry. They made this man, with a cane!! Stand and fill our paperwork!!!! Does no one have an issue with this? And what will you do? What can we do? I’m tired of excuses!! It’s the VA!!! It’s is too be the best! We are the best. Our soldiers are still the best! Even the broken ones. What’s left is of value to us and needs to seen as such.

Starbucks should be supplying the coffee. And Dutch Bro. And all the coffee companies should make sure those people have good coffee! And danish! Why not splurge? If this got around everyone could see they can do something about it just not me? Take some danish down to the VA? Spend you time saying thanks for fighting my fight cuz I did not fight for this freedom. You did it for me. Thank you for the freedom to realize when it’s time to say thank you?

Why the travel voucher situations isn’t on lock yet hell I don’t know? it’s like The VA is in the dark ages or something? Papers and this and that? Red tape everywhere getting in the way of Luke warm care. And we the taxpayers pay for this for our own? And no one knows what to do?

Of course. Letters don’t work. Because you’ve written so many? If letters don’t work? Then why are all these preachers and people pouring over a book of letters? Tell me that? It is not this hard to change. I changed at birth. So? Like I definitely don’t get this? Quality of care? Quality of life? Shouldn’t every one have it and why have we not designed a way so that can happen?

The haters you say? Haters of what? Of unity. Those haters and don’t look like haters at all. They just look like animals. No spirit inside? Like loving on automatic mode. if so the zombies are already here. And many of them work at the VA and need assistance in learning our ways? Zombies such at quality customer service. Unless it’s for themselves. Zombies. Love themselves more then anything.

I’ve seen a few in my day. Zombies trying to act like people. Eating things they should not eat and not eating what they could eat. Stuck. Eating what is. Knowing there’s more. Better tasting things then flesh. But just being so into the game. We are not zombies are we? Amid anyone awake our there? This is going into space. Right? So everyone can see it? Right? As public as it can go right? Are? We all mad not to see that we just need to change things around like musical chairs?

And everyone’s just hyping up for failure and then wondering why it’s taking so long? this is all of ours planet. Does this place matter? Or what? Greta is screaming! The children are screaming!! Wake up!! Hello! I am a grown up and am awake. Please. Reply. Are you there? Do you love the planet? It is Jesus. How’s that? Do you see the weight we all carry is Earth. We are Earth. Hello.

We don’t give a shit about Jesus and now everyone’s talking about him? Why? When are we gonna get it right? Is 2020. As we circle and circle to get it. What is the meaning of life? Life. Is everything. God is life. Life is god. Now? If your picture don’t look like that? Life? Then you just need some help with your unique equation. Don’t give up. We all are her on a journey within. Getting to know the great I Am who lives within.

No ones seems to see this. But it’s in the scriptures. God is within. Go in as others say. Meditate. Another way to go within. Praying. Is going within. Self centered as the divine spirit within realigns you. Like inner gps. and how to manifest what we truly want. We do wish to get along but we all like life interesting. Can we not have any good clean fun around here? Why do the kids got to keep seeing that? They already know.

And no. This is not an easy read right here. You’ll have to do some study to even keep up with me as I link it all up and show you how I see it going. To hell with this war stuff. It’s no fun at all. And a waste of resources. Why in the hell must we fight like barbarians? still? Like what is the point already?? What is this self selected self annihilation? Who comes back comes back? It’s on them if they make it to make due with what we have? Where did we get all of it? If not from the earth? Let’s bring it back home now. Bring it in real tight. It’s team Earth. All brothers and sisters of this planet. Why are folks fighting? I ask! What are folks fight for? Can we figure out how to help each other better??instead of leaving folks so behind? In many ways. Not really invited.

What is it that makes people be at odds with one another? For you? Without blaming another.

Mine is we have obviously hit a belief difference that’s crucial. It keeps coming up. So I keep working on making myself clearer and clearer. Until. I am told that they truly get it or I’ve been understood. we all have boundaries to cross over. With whom ever. I believe we all can be understood. It takes work. It’s my life’s work. Being understood.

What’s all this fear I hear about around here?

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