I can see why I’ve gone through what I’ve gone through.

In my life. Preparing me to meet my own family.

Adoption. The protective custody. Holding me. Away from them. My sisters amaze me. What did they learn? While I was gone?

Well? Not a thing about hospitality that for sure. Mama must have known. She probably looked at the first ones she kept and thought oh hell no. This one ain’t gonna be around these heathens. She’s gonna have a better life them hanging out with these two animal. I do not want her to turn out like that. 🤣🤣 shes gonna be special.

Well. Specials what ya got. A mix of eloquent.and a few dashes Of whoop ass from the can. I hope she happy! I’ve been dealing with ungrateful kept children my whole life! The kept ones. So fun. The entitled ones. The ones who don’t know how to share.

My sisters? Kind of suck right now and I’m not gonna kiss anyone ass for what’s mine already.

If you think about it. I’ve known the truth longer them they did. I definitely was not coddle. Mama must have looked at what came out of her before me and said oh hell no!! Ain’t have another one of these rug rats running around loose! Lord Jesus!? Is this some kind of sick joke or something? And seriously was asking god? Like? What in the hell are you taking from me to make these things?

She probably thought God was just a real Jokester. Evidently no. When I came around she was like no God!! This is not funny! I did not order another I was just taking a break and maybe enjoying sex! For once! God! Damn it! And off I went to the funny farm, adoption. Land.

I was like no Mama! I am not like the others!! And them said, lord! That ain’t funny!! See what you did! You should have sent me first so she would have really wanted the others!! That was what I said to a woman, right after Mama Jean explained adoption to me. I went up to a woman in the store. At age three. I asked her if that was her baby. She said yes. I then said, did you adopt them? She said no. And I then ended the conversation with, well? You must not have wanted them. And walked off. Disgustedly. Like. Whatever woman! Come on Mama Jean! Let’s go.

People make jokes all day about adopted kids. Let’s flip the script. And y’all, let talk about the kept one for a while. now because I am adopted. I made sure I want them all. So I told the lord, you know how many Lord, send them when I’m ready and they are ready. When it’s time, I welcome them and invite them to come to me. Thank you lord. See. I learned a big lesson. From Mama.

Just cuz you want to play, don’t mean you really wanted to pay to play. Some people just wanted it for free and not see this place evolve and grow? They only what there pleasure and fuck everyone else. And that’s what they do! Fuck everybody! Did the kept ones really want to be kept? In my case there is a shadow of some doubt? Phyllis is probably the only one Mama really wanted because she was after me. Your welcome sister P. that’s Piff Daddy. Cuz she don’t play. Now that she knows the truth.

Cuz I came here to take this hit and teach this lesson to all of you. Mama wasn’t always willing to pay. And that’s ok. She paid anyway. God made her pay for us all. That was her weakness. Paying for playing. But she learned something after me too that helped her do better with p daddy. She truly consented. And welcomed. And lived with years of guilt cuz she didn’t with the other three. But at least was honest with me. You see? She hated that part of her with a purple passion. And I broke her of it when I went away. Cuz. After the deed was done. She changed her mind and realized she did want me after all. She was just scared. Scared of a lot of things. Like paying for things. Worried about money. Before I left.

That changed after me. She was worried about you. The kept ones. That you saw her right and not just left. Cuz leave one. And they all felt left and she needed to fix that quick. God fixed it slow. Cuz Gods cool like that methodical. Precise. I’ve been watching God work for years on people. It’s fascinating. and I knew God was working on all of us too. Getting us all ready for round two three and four until we get it right and not left.

Our Mama learned about being grateful for life when she sent a piece if her life into a circular file. she called herself unworthy. And didn’t realize what she lost until I was gone. Boom!! And it hit her like a max truck with a ton of bricks on it. Boom!! Crash. And who? Pick Mama up? God. And Phil. Yes. God sent Phil. To pick her up. And tend to her wound. Cuz he’d been wounded too. He knew just what to do. And he loved her through. And took away her worry of money. He took our Mama and made her strong. He prepared her for me. That. Is a fact.

So. While your so comfortable up there with our Mama? Don’t think she ain’t paid for me? She paid twice as much for me as you all. That’s. A fact.

She was a sick girl before me. But she grew up fast after me. And changed her damn mind quick. Started doing better for us. Not just you three and Nick. She did it for me too baby. Me too. So. Think about that. Maybe that will help y’all get off those high horses Mama can’t seem to show you should do so. But I will say what she’s thinking. Yes. I will. And maybe make her laugh a minute cus I know her so well.

Mama. Was devastated by what she had done to herself and us. Devastated. Do y’all read me? Our Mama has been devastated. At us? Is that what any of us wants? I keep saying? A party? And y’all ain’t doing nothing about it? No ones called me or even messaged me here to get my number? All my pages are public! Can you say that? Mama must have done something right? I see that?

Are any of you even aware? Y’all gonna leave Mama our to dry like this? I know she counting on me to get through? Heathens!! You all better bow? Or it’s all on you. Now. What you are getting in the way of will haunt you. If you don’t get right with God this instant. And realize what you now do in the name of love against one of your own in front of Mama and God and everyone? It’s now on record what’s I’ve said and what you have not done. I am your sister. If that don’t mean anything to you all? Then you don’t even care about each other. That’s the proof in your pudding not mine as I stand in the street and set you all up for your own falls. Oh pride Mama. I see it. Needs to go! Toot sweet! Go go go.

Funny. So much ahh hah around here. Just outing into this screen? What has become of my family while I was away at school? Your not alone anymore Mama. I know you needed me after seeing me in action? I learned the lessons too. Twice. I paid for you. The part of you you thought was bad has come home saved, sanctified, baptized twice, spirit filled and gift as all get out!

Are you happy yet? Are your tears now for joy yet? Girl! You drive a hard bargain! We in the basement! Have I proved to you yet? I’m a good thing? Your a good thing? I know you changed Mama. But we had to get this out! To make room! My goodness. This is cleaning 101 here? Did you not learn to love cleanings affect yet? So much engulfed opens up!! So new energy can come in? It’s. A thing!

This that I am doing is mind cleaning as I throw out the trash in our mind. The lessons are getting learned as we pass the test. The love test. Will we prove you changed by uniting? That’s the question? Or will pride still get in the way. It simple must be swept away to succeed at this task in family relations. It’s a must. Do. Now thing. So we all can progress and not be stuck anymore. My sisters sorely need a change of mind about all this to see you properly. and in turn see themselves better as well as me and how I do fit in here and am a very important part of the family dynamic.

The shaman. The healer. The preacher. Whatever. Spiritual one with the mind like a steel trap. The oracle. Why would you believe for less Mama? Did you pray or not? Then accept the gift. Why not? There are no excuses left I have not addressed. That’s a touch down. And end games. I’m not playing Mama. I’m paying.

We’ve both paid enough. The girls will get it when you just pick me up and take me home now. Okay? Don’t worry about them anymore. They’ll grow up soon. They will see. Trust Mama. Trust this one here. I got you three day past Sundays infinitely in all directions of time. Now that’s some words. Iron clad. Written by me. Now you can take that to the bank! Hold me to it cuz I hold myself to it. No lie gonna stand in my way. Our way. ❤️

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