Yeah. I’m giving up.

Mama may know left. But I know right. And I’m not leaving her left when we clearly need to go right. Now.

Left behind

Left out in the cold

Left hooks

Right hooks

Home runs.

It’s all how you see it that matters. And my Mama ain’t seen right in a long time due to a left run somewhere along her way and I am leading her back as carefully as possible so she can correct her course with me.

Cuz my Mamas been in left field for a while. She ain’t seen no right field for a while. She wander off. Wandered around. Got lost along her left field ways? Trying to drag me into left field? And I’m like no Mama? I’m pretty sure we should go this way now. She like nope. Left. And I’m like nope. Your stick in left mode honey shift a gear or two. Then she’s like, I know what I am doing and god has not told me to change!! And I’m like? Hello? Who do you think sent me?

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