With all the diagnoses?

I was fine. Working right. Just not in my right place which made me so upset? Like so upset I couldn’t even speak right.

So my Mama leaving me had an affect that could be avoided. But no one even knew the root of my causes? So sad on them. All dead now in heaven watching me do all they failed to do for me as a child. Now forced to watch. Cuz I know god ain’t pulling no punches now. They have the front seat to my show of respect for my own self when they didn’t even have a clue!!! About me.

I am glad I wasn’t diagnosed early or at all. Cuz now I can read the riot act in reverse and tell all you. I’ve watched folks who were diagnosed early get placed in a toilet bowl spinning round and round will diagnoses fly like flies all around and no one even gets to the root of it. Medication won’t cure it dummie! What even is the psychology communities point? Make money. That’s what. Off of your pain. If they medicate you it make you dossal. Pliable. Workable. Not healed.

I medicated myself with weed. To get behind my own responses so I could analyze them myself. I’m doing way better and have gotten way more relief then any therapist I’ve gone too doing just this.

Smoke weed




Go deep

Feel what ghere

Tell about what there

Publicly is key

Because I am my own key to this mystery around me.

Unite with others like me.

Not just the adopted

Fostered people

Abandoned people

Wounded people

There’s always a root to the beginning of pain

We got to go there and not get all hung up in diagnoses red tape.

We pay for relief and get nothing but pills and trapped in some lady’s cage called an office telling her what we need to tell our own Mamas!

Think about it from my point of view. I’ve been talking to strangers for years. All I really needed was my Mama. All this. And all I needed was to stay put. We would have been fine.

So whatever everyone thought was going on was wrong. And we have been wrong a long time and Mama think it’s now right when it’s left. She left her post and there was no excuse that would do for me.

And now I want what’s mine by birth right. That’s it. No excuses. Just give me my right. Not my left anymore.

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