Why. I just love this song.

It’s a modern song about the cleft in the rock where god holds us through the bad times. isn’t every argument we ever have with anyone about our argument with God? Think about it? If you put God where Karen is in a sentence! That’s would be a game changer rerouting of the brainwaves. Well? Karen? Now say. Well? God? Isn’t that really who folks get angry at?

Do we even understand god? The concept of God? Do we get God? Do we? In places? Get God in some ways but not all ways? Where are we missing? God is all. All is God. And sacred. What’s that mean to us collectively? What!! Is our reply? To God? It’s a word to describe what? Energy is another way to say it. But there is a higher power here. And this higher power that is in fact all. Not just this and that. All. And needs to be recognized. I feel strongly. Gods calling is higher.

A level up that we all getting. And god being a gentleman and woman? Would invite and then announce this level up party using even a girl to do it who’s real humble and obedient to both her Mamas. You can also be one with me. The source of this universe is ready to be claimed. Any way any how. To you see me all around yet? Starring lovingly at you? While you fight each other instead of using love to win? Collectively we attract from collective intentions sent up.

Don’t tell me. Source. You don’t see anymore. Respect is earned. Earn it now. Claim I am. Just say it. I am. Claim me within. It’s so damn easy. Just do it? Came from my throne to you in a slogan! All creative channels come and go from source to those who receive. We all receive what we can believe for. Level up. Open your receivers up. Receive more and more. There is no end. This is a circle with no end.

This life. Make it count for something for the highest good of all here just not you. Unity is the goal. Can you even make it? Why not? No excuses. Don’t be sorry. Be intentional. Tell the trust. Be honest with yourself and those around you. Let them know. Don’t hide it. Ground them into you. Show your hands. Again and again. Let them know you are a friend. These are my codes of honors to serve this planets mother and father. Trust is built and I built me a castle that’s a whole planet. Go higher. Why not? Is this place not all

Ours to enjoy? Yes. It is. And we all should experiences all we can expense and help each other to be able to do so. Capitalism can’t give us that? It’s got a cap in the name. We got to go higher in our thinking. Not be so afraid of unity. It is a five letter word that can change our course of action if we trusted and knew the basic mechanics of this planet to navigate through fears and not get stuck.

I’d like to ask. Where are the healers? Those who proclaim they walk in the light? Where are the witches? The Christians? The Indians? What’s up with that? Why do we need to even have a summit? We are all

Hooked up. Connected. Why don’t we just tell corona virus to leave town? Either it works or it don’t? What do we have to loose? Other then another winning game at life. Just banish it. All at once. Claim it so. Blessed be. Amen. And stand on the words so others can see we all are the same if we use our powers for the highest good of all and not just yourself.

This song. Reminds me of God rocking me when Mama couldn’t. Just feeling so tore up. So little words to tell those who seemed to be trying to care for me. Not knowing what to do. Trying to remember if Mama instructed me at all? About this? Seems she didn’t. Other then what I could put together from what she did teach me while growing inside her womb. Like a scrapper. Scrapbooking it together to make due.

Like that’s just no way for a kid to be forced to live. It’s so cruel. When she’s alive and not with you. Cruel a game as I’ve ever been forced to play while the world watches me? Sick. Sick. While god holds me close as God walks me through this world teaching me about how God feels. I am grateful for music to remind me that I am still in the cleft of the rock watching it all go on. That as close as God hold me I can feel his heart beating against mine. For that. I am grateful. For gods grace like a Blanket all around me. Saying it ok. Tell them how you saw it honey. It’s ok. They do need to know. Tell the story. It will all work out honey. Remember. I made you darling. You are always my child. But they do need to be told I you felt.

Gods not easy on me. But when god speaks. That’s how god speaks. As a living parents. Guiding me. And when I need it. God is firm and direct. I. Do not tell god how to talk to me. But I do know gods voices is every voice. That’s a hard one for some to get.

Some people came keep up. I’ve only found a few that truly can keep up with me. Kudos to them.

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