Well well well. Just in from Facebook!

What’s it mean? No one explained this to me? did I fake it so good they could see? Who taught me

How to fake it? Adoption. Making me fake it all cuz I know I ain’t who they said I was. Adoption is psychosis. Word salad. That’s where we get hit in the word area of the brain. And it’s spins us our because we were removed!! The fact it happen so young makes it way more intense and completely unseeable by a naked eye. I am pointing it out. Cuz I saw it. Felt it. Went through it.

And no one diagnosed me with this? It was hidden and accepted. No doctors. No nothing. They cut one me instead. Brilliant! Just brilliant.

Thought blocking. That’s Mama right now. She’s just so blocked up with lies getting in our way and can she even process what I am saying is the question at this point it’s clear she’s not. She stuck.

She’s got OCD. Which is an over compensation of the grossly disorganized behavior mode. I’ve got the Catarina for sure. Seeing the negative and trying to translate what’s really in the picture. Cuz it’s not been processed right and does not show what’s real. Cloaked. By words. All kind of verbiage that keeps me invisible to my own Mama.

I’m diagnosing myself evidently? no ones been qualified but me.


Or am I just one upset person who’s been denied way to long and now I am so upset you can’t pull me off this with nothing and no ones even stopping me cuz adoption needs to die as we know it. Now. Either way. I’ve gone unserved. Unhelped. I am my own help while folks get paid to say they helping me? Helping themselves to my insurance money!

And yeah. You therapist you. I’m talking about you who didn’t even catch me. And I wasn’t even running? But I slide right through all your peers cracks. And now I am here talking all about it in public and not a room with you!

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