No. I don’t like messes

Does anyone like a mess? Crusty dishes in the sink take time to soak and clean up. My situation with the family dynamic that’s dead is really crusted over. I look at myself and ask, “they say I need help? I’m a good person? And yet the help I ask for is denied me by my family that I clearly asked them to help me with?” Hmmm? So strange am work I live in.

Denial. Denial. Denial. And more of denial? I really don’t like the taste of denial anymore. I am asking for what I need people. As we can clearly see. My family is not listening to me. And I am having a problem with this kind of treatment coming from my family. And the world is so desensitized they just troll by and watch me struggle? Marvelous! Nope!

So anger pops up. Because we need to change. Anger is the emotions for change. It’s not a bad emotions unless you do what? Deny it. And there we are. Back at denial. Who’s denying. My families denying. Who’s asking. I am asking. Who behind denied by her family. Me. hello? Anyone there? Or is the whole world out to lunch?

What can you do? Post something. That’s what. Tell my Mama to pay attention. I’m

Not alone when you troll by. You can like. She can see who’s liking. And she can also read your comments. And you can help too. And if you help me you help you. Cuz when we stick together and do for one another what no ones supposed to do alone. We win. Teamwork. I’m calling on my team. They are trying to deny i am part of the team. When in fact my DNA places me with this team and adds one to the mix that my Mama invited to be on the team with us, mama Jean. Hello?

The team is in the river denial and I am trying to wade them out. I can jot carry this many people alone. So post something helpful to show them you are here. Show them your triggers. Don’t scroll by and deny me and you. Ok? Post a response. And deny denial.

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