Making cards.

So far. My Mama. Was the first to get cards like these. In a stream of card sending I sent her a bunch. She was the first customer. She got them first hand.

Hopefully. I will soon be in production and I’d like to be in every drug store around the nation. I have a few on fine art America. That sight is fun because you can upload the art and them select what products can be made from the one image. I like options. Cups. Cards. Pictures. Even shower curtains? This is where I am going with myself these days.

I’ve always worked well with my hands and my imagination. When I was young I went to this church camp and on break. When most kids were off doing god know what? Smoking? I was waking around collecting nature to make all. And I mean all the counselors a sign with their name on it with moss, dirt, bark. Whatever. Pine cones. Each counselor got a unique one of a kind Belinda sign before I left that place.

Funny thing about that camp nod walk on break with my new friend from Fairfield California. Her name? Linda. I can’t remember her last name to save me. But she was a city girl and smoked. So I search for stuff and she smoked while we walked the creek to find what I need to make my master pieces.

This ones cute so far but it’s not done yet. I made some others. Below. They sold quick.

Fun. Tissue. Paint. Ink. Brave girl tissue words. A mix of many people out to an artful price. Personal stationary is so limited these days. Most people don’t send cards much. And I’d like to see that change. We all love to get something in the mail that’s not a bill. That someone took the time to strive to us personally. No a generated email note. But personally written to us.

I feel art should be a basic skill taught at school. Art saved me when no one could. Art is also my Papas name. Arthur. But art has so many forms. Crafting? Painting. Carving. Sculpting. Singing. On and on. It’s fun creating something.

I’ve got to work on the money thing right now. I’ve got supplies. So. I’ll start there and see where it takes me. no place else to go when your on rock bottom. And I do love dramatic come back stories. So. Let’s see what Linda made does.

I did a few like this. Not cards. Art. They went well. I’d love to see these in every kitchen or coffee hours. So fun. And messy. When I get them on eBay. I’ll post them here so if you’re so inclined. You can buy them and help me love my beat life yet. Beyond this adoption veil.

I also teach classes which are more like therapy session for OCD people caught up in the literal life style to let go and be a kid for even just a few hours. Changes the perspectives. To create. And teach people they can be messy and make something great. That each stage of life is a mess until the next layer is added and it’s all starts to take shape.

And my life is an art piece of me making shit happen and taking names. Why not? Be the best you you can be beyond what was said about who you could be? Prove them wrong. Go and do what they said could not be done. Make it happen!

This piece get a lot of attention on Pinterest. Something like 2k shares. Not bad. I’m not even trying.

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