I’m going on three years.

Living in a garbage. No bank account. So. What’s that say? A lot!!

How have I done it? Well. I’m glad you asked? I worked hard building family relations when a child. So well did I do? Mama Jean. Keeps me around.

I may have come into this a victim. And may still be a victim to some. But I worked it like no body’s business. Love. Works every-time when you use it properly.

Ask yourself why? Would she help me now? Cuz she already knew how I felt. I told her long ago this is just her review and your new flash.

Do I need more right now? No. Evidently not. Evidently I’m really? Ok? It won’t stay like this I know. But what’s important really? A big house full of stuff or loving the woman my Mama sent me here to love? Didn’t think about it like this did ya? Most don’t. Thank god I did. And I worked to build a iron clad reputation with people by telling the truth no matter what. She counts on me now. Cuz I am worthy of that trust.

What am I give her now? Priceless time my Mama doesn’t even value from me. Time I can’t get back. Well spent. Invested into a woman who. Invested in me. That’s called giving and taking. Mama Jean knows me because I let her know me. We didn’t have to keep going around and around. She got it the first time.

No. I did not want to stay. But I did because she showed up when my own did not want to anymore. Yes. I want my Mama in my life but she’s gonna have to take her pill and get real about me.

So. Don’t talk to me about firm foundations built in stone. cuz I built this one on my own with my own sweat and blood given to serve her and also serve my Mama too.

So. Also. My children can’t say they can’t make it without a bank account can they? No. Living in a garage or on the street s it can be done with the right attitude. As many have said to me over and over I could have been dead. So. The rest? Is gravy at each days end. My pride is in my work. My life purpose fulfilled.

I over came. And am trying to now help my own Mama overcome herself now.

This is what you get. When a Mama passes on her job. A woman so out of date she needs massive update and surgery of the brain. She thought is was all ok? With god and me? Well well well honey. Not even. Time to snap out of it. Once a Mama Always a Mama in gods eyes and mine.

Might want to get to know who grew up? Who came from you before it’s to late.

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