I did not come here to tickle ears. No.

I did not come here to make a name for myself. I’ve got plenty of names to deal with now. Thank you.

So if you are looking for some delusion of grandeur. This is the place you find the delusions i was forced to face as an infant. Coming into a world that could allow me, encourage my own Mama to throw me into this circle file of madness and mayhem. thanks guys. Thanks a lot for leaving me like this so long I had to do it my own self!! You all suck. Anyone in my way.

Cuz I’m making my way home for real now. Without you! Ear tickling fools. looking for some nonfictions to hide in. While we got plenty to do our here in public. Look at this place! If everyone picked up their own trash and recycled it there would be no need for any clean up crews.

And this mess Adoption places on my plate? it’s gonna get recycled. Burned. Cuz I ain’t burying another thing! Make room for me. And my siblings in adoption!! Now. I want my brash demand on record for when you finally wake up and can read. You’ll see this little girl yell all y’all before hand what to do. And you will have to face you didn’t have a damn clue!

And here I am. Writing and write like the expert I am. Oprah hasn’t called me? No one give a shit to handle this hot topic sale! My conversation make folks hair stand on end. Seeing me love my Mama through it all. Take folks breath away and it should. Damn fools looking at me did nothing for me. Failed at humanities 101 with me and my peps. Can’t even keep a child in place? Seriously?

Tickling your own ears. And let me just say. You can run but you can’t hide for long with all of us on watch now. Cuz we’ve been watching all y’all kept ones for years. That’s ungrateful. Let us slide. While you get what we are supposed to have by birth right. How dumb can we be?

Yeah. Wooooe! Did she say that? Yes. I did. I was denied. And ended up denying mine. Does that sound right? No. Left. All left over from the first left behind. And this is me making it right. we all got to reroute ourselves back to the corner stone foundation of all. Birth rights. Are right or not at all. Either we believe the laws or we need to throw them out and make better. And they should be reviewed all the time and adjusted accordingly. Whatever it takes to do our best and not second best for anyone.

Which would have been first best for Mama Jean? Well? Maybe divorce my Dad and marry someone else and have a baby? Not a good match. Obviously. Cuz a baby did not help. She should have the chance to have her own. And we can say all we want. I was not her first choice. I was the last choice she was supplied with. no other choice at the time.

Woman. Need to take their conception abilities seriously. A life will come from us. A life that deserves the best we have to offer and not this bullshit I came change it no sense. That’s why I am leading this here. I’ve offended my own children by denying them of myself that was trapped inside scared to come out. And their fathers. I did not talk sense into their fathers. I let them just go. Like folks let me go. No. I’d did not know what to do? With myself yet either let alone all that.

But this is me doing it now. Better now then never. I’m not late. I had a really big handicap no one could even see. But me. And I had to learn the words and read the research to find the word to even speak it so folks can see what I’ve always seen. I was forced here. But I’ve crawled every inch to see what’s what so I can help us all out of this kettle of fish.

As I see it. Adults can take the truth and change it. I’ve been an adult my whole life. Watching everyone adult about this subject. Step aside. Please. Me and Jesus got this wheel. Y’all don’t know how to drive. Except off a cliff!

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