These dogs.

My daughter Angela is walking the dogs. Layla and Minnie a couple of rescues like me. 🤣 and it’s warms my heart that she gets it. How to give what animals don’t get from everyone in the world. Which is care about the dogs. Those that feel unheard. Unfed. Unexercised.

These dogs. Layla and Minnie are mother and daughter. A team. They were kept in a cage called a kennel. Together. Layla is Max’s baby mama girlfriend. And Angela and I broke them out of their prison. Angela took them to Iowa to stay in a big Victoria house with a friend who loves dogs and cats. And Angela cares about the animals even non humans. And I am proud of that fact. It matters.

If we don’t even treat the animals good then how to we treat ourselves? Caged. Abandoned. Left outside to rott. Tied to a post. Chained in place. When there’s someone who wants to set them free and love them? Sounds like my Mama. Chained to an old way of being. and me. Setting her free. To be my mama. No conditions just some Boundaries. Mine. This is me. Go do you. But if you want to hang with me? This is how I roll and you are welcomed to come along. I’d love to spend time with you. My life’s not like you and yet is similar. We should be fine. Don’t believe what folks said. I came to stay.

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