The Tacos were a success. it was a cliff hanger event. 🤣

Both version went successfully. And there was enough to greet David in the frig tomorrow morning with his lunch. Kudos!! To me.

To sour cream and avocado were so amazing!! A little hot sauce. Mmmmm Angela added black beans to hers. The chicken was perfectly cooked and spiced well. The Taco seasoning does well on beef and chicken. I add water to make sure they are juicy. Dripping. Messy. That’s the best way.

I did not take pictures. You’re gonna have to use your imagination. Oh darn. I had sangria with it. It’s my own recipe. Brandy. Red wine. Any kind. I’ve. And coke or cola. It’s amazing. Delusions with tacos.

Did Chelsie just call me from La? My phone rang and it said LA. I think thats where she is? Strange. But exciting!! I am expecting a call. hope it was her. Hope it’s a sign. LA is calling and Chelsie’s on the line. Xoxox.

Hope your dinner went well. I pray you all do well.

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