Tacos for dinner.

We are gonna have tacos for dinner. That’s a nice story. Let’s see if Mama doesn’t come up? Oh! There’s she did. Like clock work. There she is. And Chelsie. She used to call tacos for dinner, “taco bell”. “Are we having Taco Bell Mama?” she was about two. We love tacos. And even Mama Jean likes them like this. Old style.

You take hamburger or chicken. We are gonna have both. Cook up and add seasoning from a packet. Shilling. That doesn’t look like it’s spelled right? But you get it.

Then. You fry the corn tortillas in hot oil. We use avocado oil. Or safflower. Then I add the grated cheese in first and add the hot meat that melts the cheese instead of on top and cold. We put sour cream. Onion. Avocado. Lettuce and tomatoes.

These tacos are amazing. Totally different then carna asada. But so satisfying. The oil and then meat and veg. It’s every American. Tacoish. And it’s so old school. I’ve been making tacos like this for years and started when I was young. I love Mexican food. Mama jean doesn’t so it’s a so promise. That includes her too.

The sour cream and avocado take it over the top. Mouth wateringly delicious. I love to cook for people that like to eat. That’s why my marriages lasted as long as they did? If truth be known. That’s one reason. I do not mess around with food that works and keeps the wild beast tame. 🤣

That’s one reason I keep talking about having tea or baking with Mama? I know what she needs and my family is a good meal made by their sister who learned a whole lot that she wants to bless them with. And it’s always about getting to Mama. But not for the reason people think? Evidently I must clarify my intentions thanks to Adoption? Cuz my Mama acts like she scared shitless and seeing a ghost when she sees me? Weird.

While I am cooking up some food tacos. I think about all the cooking we could have done by now. Yet yesterday seems to be dragging us down. So it’s time to change it up now that we got it all out.

Tanya says it best. And I’m bringing my Flowers and a whole hell of a lot more home to a mama. And we need room for this. It’s ain’t junk. It’s precious made just for her. In the daughter she started a while ago. I remembered how Mama like Mexican dinners all spicy. My children tell the tale of my Mama back to me. And it’s amazing to see through these eyes that can see my Mamas all up in me. Perfectly preserved. Untainted. Linda in Be. So beautiful. Mama needs to see this that god did for her with me and to feel good about it. Cuz it’s amazing.

My sisters could be happy for her? And it’s fine they were happy for our Mama who daughter didn’t give up and made it home. Wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you?

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