I learned so much from this life my Mama gave me

Not all of it was good. But used in the right way it can bring good. That’s the thing. We get what we get and then get to do something to change it by telling what we got.

Who can say? My mama tried to say? but did she have the power to really get what she said? Did it show up like she thought it would? Has it shown up differently? And does that have her stepping back? Doubting what is showing? As what is supposed to show up? Does the illumination of her actions make her shutter? It should not be like that at all. It is what it is.

If this is what society thought. And the information given to my Mama was what was available at the time? That’s it. But. My experiences do add a layer to search more into the lifestyle of the adopted and make it better. Of this report makes you cringe? Then we can do something about it. And other adoptees can add weight to the message with our collective experiences. And our Mamas can share. Which adds more and so thing is in stone unless we say so.

Things can change for the better.

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