Yes Mama. I’m tired.

But I’m not gonna get mine and leave my friends out in this cold. You read me? This is note then just us. It’s about justice and equally the scales for all of us who have been adopted.

It’s about Mamas being safe to express themselves to there children. It’s about conversations that need to be had for healing to come in. It’s about blowing it up and blowing it out. It’s about building from that space of openness.

I’m not the kind of back down once I take something on. I’m also not so selfish that I don’t know and realize my sister and brothers deserve more then some second best option some dummies made up from a bible story long gone and who didn’t even get what the story really was about at all. We are the Moses now. We are the people who have been placed into bondage of our own lack of any other choices at the time.

It’s 2020. And I’m talking about changing this. Rewriting it with people who know what’s what and can write something way better for every child coming alone after.

You did what you did. Just like every other person did what they did. But when we know better about what we did and what we got we can do better to get better. And children deserve better.

Either we listening to Jesus or we aren’t. Suffer the children to come unto me. Who? Better. Awareness. People realizing shame is not a game. It’s a killer. Gods words does not lead us to shame but leads us out of shame with grace and forgiveness. Do any of us even want to be ashamed? No. But folks are all day long and at some post that shame got to get cut the hell up out of here cuz we are children of the most high.

And we need to act like children of the most high. Not dummies on the side of a road. We don’t leave folks on the side of the road of life. No. We lift even up and show them how God does it. God in human form faced the societal bullshit back in Jesus day. We the society back then killed him but he ain’t dead cuz ideas don’t die. Folks need to understand the complex things in life and the basics.

Children are basic. They are the future. And if we let them down we let ourselves down. My children deserve better than this as a family unit yes. They do. I’m not the staid quo holder. I am the status quo changer. If I had to change them everyone else gonna have to change. That’s a fact. Cuz we all are connected and most folks don’t even realize how my adoption and everyone else has changed a lot around here. Blinded by yesterday’s truth and can’t see the truth in their faces. I am in your face for a darn good reason Mama.

We. Got the goods. And we need to do something with the goods to make folks see what this ends up as so others can do the same Mama. Put your name Linda. Down in history for being a change agent with Belinda. Let’s make a mark that hurts what needs to be hurt and not us anymore. Adoption mindset needs a change of mind right now. I’m ready. Are you yet?

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