Watch this. Carol Burnett show

But it’s not carol. And people wonder about me? This is a show I watched when I was young. The humor? Is quite unique to say the least and this song is so manic and lethally attracting? Yet. That wasn’t on the radar as word back then now was it? Woman were attractive and attracting.

She’s just singing a delusions that’s passed around and around back then and still today sung differently thank you next is what’s the volition about it. Bye? Ain’t obsessed with you no more.

My Mama a realist said thanks no thank you dear Huey for this bun now baking in my oven. I’m not impressed with you virility in the least! give this product to another. Not realizing I was his medicine now spent on her cus I never got to teach him his lesson. Karen has too. And my sisters. She never had to keep him. But me? Yes. Cuz I was sent to deal with men like him. Too.

Might as well us it to change more men then him I guess is what Mama was saying? Go get them? Maybe that was what my Mama wanted? I’ve wondered this a while while wading through what everyone else said she meant?

Humor has changed. What we thought was funny has changed. But watching this now? Adding all the psycho babble to the meaning is quite funny.

Angela wasn’t impressed? Lol. Just to slow. Tiktok is 60’s seconds of a laugh. Carol made you work for it. When you look back. You’ll see how far we’ve come and where we still are, just different.

Comedy has sped up for sure. People want you to get to the ouch line fast. Well. This punch line called my life didn’t so why should I?

This path is precarious. It’s rough. It’s complicated with no instruction. So. I want my Mama to be clear about these things because there’s not just one. She can try to block me all she wants. And. She did. For years. But that corks long gone now.

And? Blocking just did not work. Evidently? So? She needs to adjust now. She. Did not make this life easy for me. Or my sisters. She kept them in her darkness too. It’s wasn’t just me being left out of the secret. They to got left out of this whole situation and yet are involved still. Which is cynical if you take a moment and really take it all in.

She’s got something she needs to do and she’s not doing it. And I will record this so others, adoptees, bio Moms and adoptive parents. All y’all can see her pitfalls and what lies really create at the end of adoption day. Woman need to own there ability to create life. Even at 25. I was 23 when I first conceived. And I was glad to welcome life after a life of death to Stephanie Anne. Belinda Jean gave birth three times. All of them wanted. I learned that from being unwanted.

You simply can run. But you never can hide. You can block on one side. But there’s always another side wide open. And my Mama learned that fact when I came back.

I would love to have a better relationship with her. She need to face the truth like I had to at birth. Her actions however she told herself it was hit me like a max truck to my heart. And? She did that to herself too because I am a piece of her.

It pains me that she is acting like this and saying it’s because this that and the others thing. Excuses. Carol Burnett was a light in the tunnel of my life that’s been in a margin of my Mama error for years. And I’m tired of being told to stay small so she can feel comforted. That’s sick. Sick minded. Sick thinking. And that is what my blog is pointing at.

Call me crazy? Oh I’ll show you crazy honey. All of this is crazy. Just to bring a life into being and throw them away cuz you can’t see the blessing in this storm. That’s. Crazy. Faith? That’s not faith. Th aye doubt and fear and not god at all.

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