So. Call me crazy again. Them watch me.

Cuz I’m carving some space in this margin for my people to breath. So adoptees and their parents all of them, can see us. Yeah? Us. Not your idea of us. Not your intentions placed on us. But us. Our feelings. Our hopes and dreams go further than adoptions train can even go.

Every story has a turn around moment when the bad turns into? What? Worse or better. You pick which side your gonna be on. Cuz I’m going for better but we got to clean up worse first. And most people just slap a coat of paint on it and call it a day. Not me. We are stripping this antique down and started over.

And it’s an adoptee calling this shots now. Cuz I know how it all felt. I remember. And it’s the children in the future that I care about now. Do you care? Or are you just comfortable numb?

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