This explains a lot of you even get the meaning?

For those of you that don’t know what all this means? Chaos. Saturn? Mars? Jupiter? Pluto? Just to name a few in my sign and my sisters sign. Victoria is a Capricorn too. And Uranus is in Taurus? Now that’s funny.

Capricorn is the get ur done sign. 5 is the numbers of change. Five planets in Capricorn. Pisces a water sign is controlling the sun and the moon shedding light on whatever they want. water also magnifies whatever you’re looking at. Water does have the power of magnification. So Jupiter can get karma, Saturn to clean up our acts and wash us all clean of yesterday’s karma. And mercury has gone retro with drops of Jupiter in her hair. Or his. Meaning a nice slow down for us all while they all rearrange somethings.

Change is chaos. But so is a roller coaster ride. With proper safety measures one can have an exhilarating ride and live to tell the story. and be happy afterwards.

Life is a roller coaster ride. Mine is just times two.

The weird thing about the family is that Mamas an earth sign. And her daughters are Earth signs. So that’s pretty grounded in. The way I see it mama needed some grounding in her life with four very strong earth sign daughters around her. And with two cardinal sign Capricorn’s? Oh hell yes! We gonna get some shit done around here and go higher. Cuz sea goats get things popping!

I never really followed the stars and planets much except watch them when I was younger. The church frowns on this practice? Predictions. But preachers predict all the time. And they don’t even see their own garbage being poured onto a congregation? I’ve personally heard some weird interpretations in churches. And a lot of Luke warm sermons. Fire and brimstone stone talks? Did not enjoy those but worked to find the meat. If ya know what I mean?

At least the planets are consistent. And no ones tell a person how to interpret their personal meaning. If you learn about them you don’t really need someone to interpret. Just like the Bible. You can entertain someone interpretation. But if it don’t ring true for ya? Scroll on by. Preachers are human. I’m human. And I’ve sprayed my interpretation all over this page. Don’t like the taste? Me either. Me either.

Why you think I’ve been writing it all down? This is the longest Amazon review ever. So many points to make to the Sears and Roebuck catalog in the sky, Apple pie company about the product, changes I would like to see. My friends hopefully will begin to write letters too. So folks can maybe take that load off too. What a weight to bare for a life.

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