See? God. On tiktok. God.

Bet Mama didn’t knew that? This woman is just so precious. Cuz she says what I say when folks are upset in a parking lot. Or even on Facebook. Pray with me. Let me pray for you and then I write the words down. Take the time instead of posting an emoji.

I have been wondering? Probably like my Mama wonders. Do my kids even know how much I pray for them? Do they even get what prayer is? Do they pray? Or does it seem silly to them? Does it seem like a weird way to get things done? God? What’s that? Hippocrates. That’s all they saw at the church?

Did they see me? Worshiping? Praying for myself and others? Did they see me singing? Ministering in song to many? Did they see my light signing? Cuz I wasn’t blind? Did they see me flying low to find all those that needed a word or some food? Did they learn what I was teaching them about God?? And does it matter that I did this all without my momma? Showing me a thing? Did they even see her praying for me? Did they see her in me? Loving them?

I love her spirit. So bold. She just prays whatever. And that’s what keeps me going. Prayer. And a little praise for my jobs done well. Seems. so simple. But folks forget to thank those who prayed them through. And I’m thanking my Mama for praying for me. Thank you. For spending your breaths on me Mama.

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