What did the father do for the prodigal son?

That he would not also do for his daughter?

And who cooked the fatted calf that day it was slaughtered? where’s the mother? In the kitchen as usual and not in any of the pictures? Even though. Without her there would be nothing? That’s a croc!

So would of the Mama was the one waiting and Daddy was cooking? What would she do? Hold a grudge? Scrolled the prodigal child? Now grown up and really desiring to be of service in their parents home? Why not party before you start work? Like he didn’t help them make way more money after all that research?

Learning. What money can buy and what money can’t buy. That’s a lesson I’ve taught. My love can’t be bought. I don’t make myself pay for my own love because I owe it to myself to love myself first. Then there’s plenty to go around to those who struggle to get that principal.

Is my own Mama waiting? Or is she missing a boat? I found her long ago. But she’s not returned the favor cuz she called it a curse and cursed herself. She can take that back and that would be that about that. But alas can she see how to reverse the curse is to just come to me.

I’m not waiting in a garage for no one. Ground zero. My mama. We will see if she feels safe enough. Loved enough. Accepted enough. Understood enough. To come to one of her true fans? Celebrations these days?

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