Two woman. We’re my help.

Not one. My own Mama gets credit for what I’d did. and my side counts. I’m so done with the white washed black and blue story of three people hearts in a vice like this.

And Thai video below is me trying to show my Mama what we need to do.

I don’t care who’s who. I’m the one cooking all night. I’m Johnny that saw his wife except she was a mama get better cuz of me. Cuz Mama sent me to Mama Jean. I wanna give them both the strength to leave old Leroy. And that they can both stay with me forever.

Now that’s a love story.

Cuz I’m the loving proof of the love of two woman. Working a terrible system for me. They deserve to meet each other and sip some tea and not have to worry about the dishes or if the foods good. They deserve the honor to be served by me and my siblings. And to celebrate me. And what they did for me was not lost on a lost cause. I learned all the lesson.

And I’m here to say we ain’t going out like that!! My mamas gonna get what’s due. A party.

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