If your thinking?

Then you’re not listening.

What do I even mean by that?

Understanding take way more then just thinking. It’s take listening to your own body’s responses and figuring what what it’s saying to you.

What! ? I tell my body what to do! You might have just thought. There ya go again. Thinking your brain knows it all and that the body is just what? What is the body exactly? A slave to submit to the brains will? No no no. Indeed. That’s all wrong.

Why. How can anyone understand if they don’t listen? To what? To everything. Your body is sensing this world for you to decipher. what is safe? Does anyone know? I’ve lived in what is called an unsafe world and am still safe. Was I safe? Or was I not? Or was I out of place? And I still know my place is with my Mama.

I just won’t swallow the lies that told me she wasn’t. That she dropped. That she could stop being my Mama. It’s just not the truth. Or we are denying what is in nature and that’s insane. Nature’s all around showing us what is and is not. Flowers die and grow again. Recycling is the way here. I was cycled into a new place and now recycle back to my original place again. I’ve always been my Mamas girl. Just called someone else’s for some god awful reason. Why could I be called both mamas child like my name says? there we all are standing in my name together. Why can’t this be for real and why am I Pinocchio now?

When is what’s really real gonna be cool to be real? Two woman love me. I love two woman. One woman gave me away to another so she could send me home better. When will that story be cool enough to tell?

Stop thinking. Start feeling and listening to your own body. Would you want this? If you knew what it equaled at the time you ordered it? If you knew What I know for a fact? Does this story seem to have a happy ending? When do the two kingdoms come together here? When do the bells ring peace on earth and good will to all men and woman and children? Here?

Are we saying we can’t think of better ways to take care of children? That’s we dogs can’t learn new tricks and do better? At a game we call life that people take so seriously if they think they lost and only lost a game and not a war. What is the war about? Cuz folks can’t use their love right. And turn that cheek. And learn to speak up and say it better.

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