Don’t tell me who the help is. I know who helped whom.

This. Is a woman helping a woman in need. Who needed whom? And did this woman white pay back this woman Calc? Damn right she did. She cooked the best dinner she was taught by this black woman could make? So this white woman could be a wife. That’s the sisterhood within the brotherhood of men. Working. Do we see? What woman do? Black or white or yellow or green. No matter. They worked together and taught each other what a sisterhood is. Hilly. Well? She ate shit. Don’t be like her. That’s what that is saying.

This is the woman my mama helped back in 63.

And this is what she did before I came to her.

And these are the woman who have the stories to tell of what they did to help so help me god. We all gonna tell our stories. Cuz this kind of slavery must end.

No woman should be let down in her time of need. Let alone me. The child helper through it all asking for her due. Now.

I’m the black girl busting in to see her Mama and Interrupting this regents party to, Give my Mama love despite what the regulations say about where I should enter. Back door. No. front door yes. and I am that white girl writing all about it now. Courage may skip a generation. But I got all the courage I need. And now. I got two Mamas so what’s your problem?

I’ll say this. As many of us adoptee around here? Where’s our bathroom?

Our nation. Need to get free of this oppressive systems rules that simply do not apply. I am one of the slaves children standing up to speak out for us all. Adoption does not own me. We can throw the rule book out and make a new better one. One where woman are supported and children are supported as well.

This video below is how I feel. How I feel for both my Mamas who can’t seem to get into the card party.

Who’s who is this scene below? Cuz right now I feel like the maid daughter. And adoption is the Star regent telling my own Mama to tell us to leave? But I’m skeeter. Writing it all out so people can see what it’s like being one of me times trillions.

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