People give up on themselves.

Be the person to show others and yourself your not gonna give up on yourself. So what. What people say about you.

You know you. If folks can’t see you, they talking about themselves. and just love them like you’d want to be loved until they figure it out. Hover a bit of you have too. Poke them if you must to show them they are not alone. Cheer them into where ever they are going even if it’s off a cliff in their mind that they might be scared to go cuz it’s been so warm in that spot so long. Be the light. Show them.

Don’t give up on yourself cuz I am counting on you to succeed. I am counting on each of you to succeed. My story is my own successes laid out here In words. And how the power of love gives me the strength to rise and greet each day filled with love to give. Cuz adopted life is crazy people don’t seem to see it. It takes strength to mind both your Mamas and remind them of your own boundaries they crossed a long time ago honeys.

So. Don’t give up. Why would anyone even do that?

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