My life testimony is loving two woman. So differently. And trying to explain it to a world of people with only one in mind.

Don’t forget your roots

Don’t for get your raising

Each given to me by two woman in different ways.

How does one carve out a road for folks to see that in a singular brained world with a dual world sub world within it.

Adoption is a dual idea. Where two woman work to help the child involved.

They do this while acting like singular units, working together in tandem.

While the child. The subject of the observation of the world squeteeny. How ever it’s spelled! Watches and gives their critic of the display.

All the while thinking. I agree. Well I don’t agree.

And you might want to listen to what I think about you now that you’ve said and done all you think you should have for me.

But I see their hearts after everyones told me the earth shattering news they think they have about us. I get to take some sense and add my sense to this senseless mess the worlds tried to make of us. We are no mess. Not at all. One bit a mess.

Love is a mess with us all tangled together trying to be seen from us all three. We are this love nest people call a mess. Love ain’t easy even if you keep the kids. But doing this is twice as challenging on all parties to make this bond stick.

We three woman are not slackers at all. And yes I will speak up because I am compelled to do so. Y’all wanna know what’s what with us? Bonded. James bonded. Branded. Together. A unit of measure in three. Saints for putting up with you all at the end of each day. As we sigh and say. Bless them. They know not what they missing. A threesome is awesome if you got a clean mind about it.

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