Let’s talk about settling.

What is best?

And what is second best? Really?

Is adoption give people the best?

Or is it second best?

The child. Now possessing double the family dynamics is forced to live a singular lifestyle with the decoy parents. While all the while knowing full well who’s who around here.

What is best for the child is denied. And a replacement, substitution is placed where the original best was at one time. What is best?

What is best, Really has nothing to do with placements reversed and rearranged at this point. what is is what’s best and all parties need to accept their places in my life fully. Not some half asses throw together. That is not my life.

All the books must balance. All parties rewarded for their efforts. What is beat now? What’s available now? Way more then what we are working with. Way more available options now that I am grown up.

Our collective family relations expanded the day my Mama signed on with Mama Jean finishing up what she started. Fair is fair. And she will have her due honor for doing that. No shame. Unless someone around here is still trying to hide in her shame cave? What cave? That’s right. Shame caves gone.

No shame in our game is my game. What have you been playing? Well play this game it’s way better. It is best at this point in time to play no shame game.

If you don’t like what’s in front of you ask for different. Not more of the same. I’ve been asking my Mama what she would like to order now after eating all this? What is she hungry for now?

Or is she gonna just settle for yesterday’s portions all rotten and moldy? Can she change her mind? Is it possible for her mind to even see beyond where she and I stand today? Well? I am pumping her for all she’s worth to get all of yesterday out of us both so we have plenty of room for what’s best now to fill us up.

Mind you. I am 57 and have been blogging now for six years. Which compares to 57 years is a drop in a bucket of tears at this point. But I’m salty. So those tears are about dried up by now. Hopefully Mama can laugh a bit. Now. It’s all so silly how twisted up adoption got us all.

Adoption knows no boundaries and crosses lines from the get go. Micro managing bully. that’s all. Trying to push us around and tell us how to be after I am long raised and a grown woman who can speak what she desires well. So. Her Mama can read about the tales of being their daughter. Plural. Not singularly. Two woman. I’m so sick of folks trying to cut one out of my life! They both matter equally yet for different reason for god sakes get it right.

The world is polar. And I am balanced is what I see. People always trying to pull me to the side of the fence I am not a part of. I get to sit in the middle of it all. And arch both sides struggle will riding life in the middle. Two Mamas gives me such an expanded view of Motherhood in general.

Have you had enough of how the world sees it? Would you really like to know what I see? Or is this garbage more interesting to you? my stats got up when I rant. People troll through and skim the surface. Like dipping their toes in or something?

This subject matter must be a hot spot.

Not many want to touch it. Well. I’ve lived it. This subject matter touched me and I came say I liked it like everyone wants me too. It felt unnatural. Forced. My body had other ideas about what I needed. And that is what I am working on satisfying while informing my Mamas as well.

Mothers get busy doing Mother things you know. I am a Mother myself. And it does take a child to grow up to be able to speak their own mind and to be heard. I do not wish to be a slacker and neglect my own children by not teaching them how to tell the truth. And what is looks like after such a long time of not being able to due to location location location.

It is of the utmost importance. To speak ones mind and to know one is heard and that all is well. Forgiven we call it. That Mama had for given enough to cover the multitude of missed marks a child has made. That no matter what. She is a loving vessel that always welcomes her children home having paid ahead of time.

If you can’t tell your Mamas the truth we’ll then who can you tell the truth too? And why not just tell the truth even if it sounds crazy? A lot of crazy things happen here. Are we now acting like it doesn’t? Makes no sense.

Don’t settle. Keep going. Your Mama will awaken and receive you once she remembers she already paid ahead for this one. double.

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