I am not an option

I am a constant in my own Mamas equation. There’s no cutting me out of her fabric people? She sewed me out of her. So. I am simply unable to blow away dears. You gonna have to cut her to cut me and that’s just stupid thinking there.

Maybe my siblings don’t realize that? Oh my! I had not considered they would be so slow as to putting pieces together? This leads to this and go with that? Guess they never ever had to think about it at all?

Well I did thanks to Adoption. I did.

And what a mind mental experience it is. Trying to maintain when you want to run hell bend for Sunday to where you don’t know you just got to go! squarely idea. Thank God I made it out! Very weird idea for an experiment. Very weird. And far reaching affects. Is this what we want to create? Using children? Taking their rights away?

I’m not her anymore. I obviously know my rights well. Playing dumb. When I know who I came from. My own Mama I came from. To here. Where she had the idea it was better. It’s better now Mama! I’ll say that. Better now I fixed that! Toot sweet! Whatever that was about I fixed it good.

The things we do to each other? Insane ideas. Then deny the results? What is that? Why?

There is no denying me. That’s would deny my Mamas. And that’s just stupid. But if you’ve seen me like anyone other then a girl who’s always loved her Mamas and hate we all came just have tea and forget about it and just be friends? Well Chelsie! Beam me up, there is no intelligent life here at all at this time. My good ness. we need to Star Trek our of this galaxy. They crazy. I just don’t understand it. Denying what is. I scratch my head? Blocking. Blockages. Ink blot. It’s all a plot to what? Take over what?

Balance. Is key. I learned it a long time ago and never let go of either mother. And yes. That’s a thing. I did it. That’s thing that has always been a thing. Your thing just don’t get tested like my thing ok? Back off.

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