Doctors are insane.

Today. My Mama Jean and I went to willows. I sold a refrigerator and was delivering it when, the doctor called her and said she needs to get her blood checked? Oh my god!! MAkes me want to scream having yo pull out the van of whoop ass on the responsible parties that dropped the ball.

Home health. Who came by yesterday? My god. Did not check her blood. Which was why they were supposed to be there? For crying out loud. The woman that came bless her little pointed head, asked Mama Jean why was she even there? What!? Hello? Do you have a clipboard? Is it with you? Does she have a file? To look at why are you asking her?

It’s like going to the grocery store for milk and forgetting to even get milk but got a whole lot of stuff you can’t eat cuz it needs Miley? Hello lady? Did you eat today? And you are getting paid to do this line of work? Hmmm? Wtf?

So. Today we get a frantic call from the doctor who got her blood results back from a blood draw from today? Says her cumaden is way to high? what’s is home health come of to the house for again? Why does she even need this shit and all you people anyway? Her blood seems fine and dandy and thin enough already could you back off! Shew! Shwoo! Jesus take the wheel from those lunatics!!

Giving me heart palpitations. And Mama Jeans all jacked up too. I had to by her a lotto ticket to keep her mind off of the idiots in the ER. Talking so loud we could hear them talking about people? Patience. Patients. Wow. Lovely. Her Mom. Do this maybe we will win this place is insane.

They now don’t want you to eat natural leafy green vegetables so that they can administer the vitamin k artificially do they? oh? Yeah. No. She’s got thin blood! Obviously! Duh? And she drinks! Didn’t know that did you until today! So what. Now do some better figuring then this. This is my Mama you are dealing with!

Ugh! I called the doctors office and told them to let the record state in her file what’s was what with home health. And them called home health and told them. Toot sweet! These doctors. Do they even understand biological chemistry at all? Insane. I must watch such dumb moves. Hell I do better!

And if you are told frantically by dumb doctors to go straight to the ER at 5 pm? Well pray they let you do or your dinner will be junk. Not hot that’s for sure. We got out by the skin of our teeth that wanted to eat cuz our tummy’s at 7 on we’re hungry. How is this helpful? The nurse could give her water unless the doctor said so? What? Now they want to dehydrate her? Lord have mercy. 😩😳

Thank God for the local restaurant and delivery! They told her we could not go to the casino and eat? Like why? She walked in here and you didn’t faint cuz she could have fallen and now we need to be worried? I have to race her around to the back door and walk her in but the casino where I will also be is now unsafe? What’s a wreck.

And. Mama jean who’s now won $20 bucks cuz I voucher her a scratcher to keep her mind busy while her stomach nagging, is now trying to play it all down? Ugh. I need a drink and this soda will not do. Thank you.

What a day indeed medical field! You suck. Professional my asses. I need to look up a machine that can test her blood myself this is crazy sending people that don’t even check your blood who are supposed to do just that? My goodness what is the world?

So you wonder why? I struggle with doctors who wave certificates in my face? Vitamin K? That’s you drunk over natural? Does that even make sense? No. The answer is no. It’s does not make good sense. The body is a healing adjustable machine that’s need nutrients to sustain itself thank you. All this micro management of a homeostasis that’s sustainable if you know about nutrition?

Ok. That’s all rant compete. My day. Wacko. Trying to make sure my Mamas ok and my other Mamas ok. What a life indeed. Do they even know what I go through? In one day? Between the two of them. One speaks the other is silent treatment. Ugh. Yeah. You think you got it bad with one? Try two. Try two. Insane amount of effort neither of them sees the other?

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