Adoptees care so deeply for their moms.

There’s three here. Hooked up. And I feel it all. And I feel what my Mama can’t express. She’s so numb. Yet I can feel beyond the numbness.

I mean if I am not happy with Chelsie not talking to me? And I am a mom. Then my Mamas not happy either. But she had to play it cool so long. Waiting on god to turn us all around. So we face the others in this triad who are holding her hands.

That’s what I am trying to show her here. She’s not alone in this. She’s got us. And she always has us. She entered a convent with us when I was born. And she part of our success too. For me? It’s all or nothing. We all succeed or we all fail.

That is my code of conduct. All parts matter.

Three woman succeeding in perfect triangulation. God is three. So God is here too. Within us three working this miracle of how two woman came together for me. And that’s beautiful if they can only see the beauty beyond what people who don’t get it said.

Let’s face it. No one can do what I am doing. Or say what I am saying to set my Mamas mind free to think again sister. Just think again.

Me and Mama Jean are way more then friends. We are comrades in arms holding her up. She started this club and we can let her fall now. What would be the point of that?

My Mama started me. And mama jean backed her up and finished the job. And Huey wasn’t bad. He was different. So Mama needs to see that. It’s crucial for her to know and see it fully. And she been in Oregon and not with her tribe called us for way to long. And I feel she needs us now. Both of us to show her what love really looks like. Success. Mama jean loves me. And love is crazy.

Mama Jean. Is here to stay too Mama. Just like I wanted to stay. She wants to stay and also wants me to stay with you too. Sound crazy? Hell yes it’s crazy genius. Ask a sister for help. And she helped a lot mama. Huey and you have Nature’s that when placed in Mama Jeans care were enhanced and grew.

She’s a trimmer. What’s that mean? Well. You watered me with prayers. Right? Them she kept trimming the new growth. Snip snip snipping on me where I needed it. And remember. Gods guiding her how and where to snip. Snipping seem hurtful. Until you see the growth multiplied with all the take sways. They multiply into new branches and more fruit. branches of thoughts. She challenges the beliefs you gave me. Snipping at them. Like sparring. Jousting in the mind space.

A duel with the soft spots. Teaching me to not guide them but to make them tough like leather or iron. She. Worked on me mastering the armor of God. My flesh. We call it thick skinned. Many wish for soft plump skin. But if your skins like leather, people can’t taste your flesh and try to bite you or eat you up.

This is me bringing a scripture into my applicable life, an illustration of how I worked the precepts of the codes in the book the Bible. How I see what’s all happened to me the subject of the experiment called adoption. Mind blowing and mind expanding. And Mama Jean saw it. Protected me. And guided me hard right turn style. Old old school style. She took my raising very seriously. Do or die doing kind of woman God lead to you, mama.

You popped me out. Mixed with two pole cats on fire for one another into a holy boot camp of water. Wash these two off first before we proceed with this specimen. She’s wild. Like stripping some one of a kind antique reverse knock off number that’s way better built. she’s gonna be a beautiful one this one when we all are done.

When Linda see this! She’s gonna flip out! Took 30 years to get me ready for Linda. Witty Linda with her hair brained schemed ideas will love this! 🤣🤣🙏 God Also says to us all. In that still small yet deeply felt voice we all know and love. “ she gonna just love you darling” and we do love each other. In our own ways that we are learning way better ways to do it now that I’m really out of the oven. Feeling like shadrack , Meshack, and Abendigo. However you spell it I ain’t got time for that mess. Do your own homework. I’m teaching. Writing. There comes a time. When a writers just got to write it. Clean up drafts later. Raw reels appearing on screens for eyes to read and see and feel. Cuz this movie screens crazy contents got so much going on here. Watching is passay writing it all jagged and wrangled mangled is the real way it happened.

So. That means your getting the unedited version before folks pick it over. Unfiltered by ranted and tainted hands. My truth unfiltered. Raw. Crazy. Just how I got it. Presented to you the fans of real life stories.

Thanks for showing up. Thanks for hanging on. Thank you for witnessing my free speech that’s worth a trillion. Take it. Run with it. See what you get? I know what I got. These woman are worth their weight in hold on to the gold and the platinum. honey. leave the silver. They gonna need that to feed themselves! Oh Lordy. We gonna party like it’s 2020. They can make their own chicken dinners now. We the winners up in here!

That message up top? Was sent to me from my sister in adoption. She cares for my Mamas too. It’s about real unity guys. Unity peoples eyes fail to see. That I see beyond your veils you try to place on us. Two woman worked together people. And my siblings should be planning a party by now? They seem a bit dense? Dare I say? Ungrateful? Our Mama is one of these woman! Can someone give me an amen? Our mother succeeded with me helped by another woman you all hardly know? And no party for them? Just? Fuck um?

And I’m the problem? I should leave? Like? Wow! Way off. Way off track mindset I want to set right now. I’m a scrapper. Like my Mamas. Ones your Mama? Best listen yo here. Don’t let my age fool you. I got light years Mama gave me on you all. It’s it’s high time y’all step up to this plate! It is not my responsibility to give a party. It’s yours do your homework. Y’all welcomed nick? Shouldn’t be that hard to do it for me? A coming home party and not a wake!! Hello! You’d rather celebrate the funeral instead of the lives still living? Come on!!

Get with it. Gezz Mama!? What’s is with them? I ain’t never seen so much ungrateful!! Hoarding! Children! I never. Realized the affect of my loss on you. Or did I? I am a little Mama. Mama. Victoria wishes she was like me. Truth. She is. She just ain’t worked some area like I did. At least she’s in touch with her feels. Mama. Give her that. The others are out to lunch!

I know. I know. And Chelsie did need to see it for herself. That’s Mamas been working on family relations her whole life. Not stopping her now to smell the roses when trimming brings way more for everyone to smell. She smelled the potential and then got out of my way so I could make some shit happen so she can have tea like we practiced!!!! Her whole life’s a crescendo is, drinking tea with her grand mothers at the table. Hello! She will have it! And you all will do it!

Mama! I now demand you y’all sense into those hyenas. It’s disrespectful. To you of all the people!! The one who started this!! Gets a grand finish my god does no one even see this point in the story? Ugh.

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