You can call me mean. I don’t care about you and what you think. I’m talking to my Mama.

And I’m letting you read all about it. Extra? Your damn right I am extra. Help. Love. Care. And real darn good at fight off demons. The same demons that Mamas been fighting since I left. Thoughts. That don’t line up with gods knowledge cuz adoptions mans idea. A woman’s idea. When women were treated like property kind of idea. And we still passing this shit around calling it god.

Ask yourself. What does the Moses story tell? that god did for his people to get them free? Bugs. Frogs. Water blood red due to babies being killed in the name of some dumb ass lunatic king! Hello!

Why? You probably don’t even know to ask or have even read the story? I’ll tell you. Because god for told about Morse. Warning him his crazy ass was grass for doing folks like this. and he was so insane not smart enough to realize yet you can’t kill an idea sent from god to do a job no one else could. That’s what and why.

A disconnected king. To high and mighty to realize what he was doing was to be called genicide. however you spell it word press dictionary is totally dumb and can’t seem to clean up while I write and express myself! Slow. Can’t even correct that word. I don’t have time for cleaning it up cuz people don’t realize you can figure it out if you use your brain. And. I am reporting this here saying I am connected to this woman’s whole being since birth. Just like everyone else who doesn’t seem to realize that fact. So watch me work. While I cut it all off ya both. With words. Like the Bible if you study it and don’t get tangled in church doctrines and such teaches to do.

Folks be tripping balls up in here Mama. That’s some crazy ass shit. Excuse my French. I think you understand why not that you do excuse my French. Cuz I speak fluent mind craft. With my words calling for each ones truths. Then spitting it back differently. So they can dial in to what they wish for and must learn to speak a for and ask properly. Rules and regulations. People don’t like and them get all tangled up in? Right? Mama? So let me work here. Pay attention this is delicate work removing these thoughts. They are imbedded within many of her base beliefs. They must be called out. Accepted like some coin toss winning. And them graphed back into her preset mode belief system. Love and faith. Her faith must return to her now. Seeing me doing what crazy thing I am doing that is working for us both. Wickedly cleaver. God is. Within me solving our puzzle. Never gone this deep? Hang on there’s more. Below. On the flip side of this record. Words key. Put them together. What’s it really saying? What are any of us scared of? Death? Yet most think about it all the time and act like she’s coming? Pay attention.

There’s a band of demons wrapped up inside my own Mamas head and I care about her getting free of um!! Don’t anyone know about warfare? Spiritual warfare. The casting down of strong holds that exalt themselves agains who? The knowledge of god peps. Yeah. I’m calling them all out and yes. It’s a legion of reasons that keep her at bay and nor docked in my harbor.

And y’all be stupid if you don’t even realize she’s been caught up in all that I’m saying out loud. Like everyone’s been saying this shit all day since I left her side. Duh. like she doesn’t know what folks say about Mamas? Please. But she needs me to call them all out. So she knows I knows. And that she safe. With me now. Y’all don’t even know what she’s been through? Without me to make those demon thoughts stand down!

She needs to know o know exactly what’s been said. And for me to point and shoot them all dead. No one should be left in such a mental state. Let alone my own Mama and me. All torn up inside. No where to go. No way back? How did we meet? The mind space. We crafted it. And she seeing how good we did. Making our little world seen. Manifested. Into full on manifestation power. We manifested this. That’s gods power through us both. Fighting , our spirits to get back to the other.

That’s juicy? And such a beautiful

Picture of a. Grown child’s full coming home story. Like two wild wolves fighting the petulance off of us both. Riding like hell to the finish line. Holding hands no man can see but we and god. What a holy humor god has.

God knew. I remembered. I ask for every gift I could have available to me to succeed at this mission for mother and told them to stamp it with an eight. For evidence later. Infinite measure. I asked for before I got here. Yeah. I remember who’s I am. Do you? And. My Mother’s agreed to guide me together yet covertly. This is a natural response to each of our systems. It’s called trauma and is in fact a bonding response.

Much like quarreling children tided together. Being forced to face one another and find the love again. We three spirits. United. Yet appearing separated and viable visible now. And their body’s taught the process of unity to me. We just clicked. Mama did not want to give mama jean an image to compete with. She for the most part left me alone and her spirit could only be felt by me and mama jean at times when I was sick. Or at night while she slept. Feels so good to finally say it. And have it all out on the table. I remembered!

And then woman helped me. Remember. Line by line cuz that’s life in the reverse mode. A couple of fisherwoman of me. Reeling me in. Throwing me out with bait. Baiting you all into thinking I’m even like you honey. Oh no. I got it. A square one. Always. Stay connected. Or you’ll regret it. Fact. My mamas taught me. Both. Not just one. Both. It’s evident and my body tells it. Go. Get my Mama. Put me beside her and deny it. How did this happen them I ask you?

Genetics. Connectivity. Adaptation. Bonding. I am the scientist of this protect called me. I had no hypothesis coming into this lifestyle called adopted. But I definitely have got this recorded. And it’s just coming out of me like reels that need to be spliced together. And slapped on a screen. A work of art how my body adopted and adapted new and maintain old ways too. How when my Mamas car that I don’t even know consciously what she drives, flys by and I know it’s her? And can feel her heart racing too. Cuz she saw me too. No doubt in my mind she knew it was me. Calling the girls. Trying to get them involved so they could hear it too. But others seemed distant.

And. I just let my mind go try to be Mama. My whole life. And she told me. Through my body memory banks. And so did Mama Jean. How they danced at life. Similar but a bit different and totally in sink for me. and after years of being denied my mirror called a Mother that’s when we met we were both surprised in each other. The similarities and then the differences. My Mother is quite thorough. Memorized it. She sets things to memory that count. All of it. Every drop she can drink into her mind. And I. Am pouring her glass over and over and over back up cuz she’s thirsty for this part of herself back.

Like hey baby? How ya been. You looking so fine. Forget about Huey. It’s me. A peace of you, you sold to the devil. now let’s level. Cuz ya owe me some respect for remember it all for ya. What. Did you expect Linda and Jean? My god! To anal retentive secretarial bookkeeping nightmare artist!! Thank you. You taught me well.

And. I say this flip side version of the single that’s always a double folks. Two sides. Always. Check the backside. So much said about the front side homey. Always remember that. Flip it over. And learn what her flip side saying? Something like bye!

Me and mama saying bye and hello all at the same time. Anyone else doing that around here? Did ya get this far or are you standing on the side lines complaining!! Oh. My language style is so cryptic. Cuz I mix all generations and throw people so off cuz they don’t have that volume of content to pull from. I sometimes catch my kids with an oldie. Throw them off and then they go learn it. Good. Very nice indeed. so fun to throw the zingers too. Watch people kind of blank and then what? And then go to their phone to learn. So fun a game. Like where did she come from and what was that she said? Hurry. Look it up. Let’s play too.

And at the heart of my play is my mothers always considered. So. You say anything about them. I tell them what you said. I repeat it verbatim. why? You ask? That’s not fair. All is fair in love and war. Talk about Mama she gonna know what ya said. Cuz I am loyal. To the core. And no. Not many like me. That’s true. Unique. Polished by two woman in tandem. Mind body and spirit. United.

If that seems crazy to you the reader we’ll go read a damn book honey. I ain’t got time to teach you all I know if you ain’t even got the basics down. Mother is everything. Everything. If that shocks you? It should shock you awake. Y’all been talking and I’m telling my Mamas here who don’t want to hear it anymore. Arguing about what? Is there a point? Everything they taught me is just coming out my fingers to here. All mixed up like a salad. Sounds crazy but kinda makes some sense. Life. That’s life. And until we learn how to better man this station. Called a planet like we give a shit. Back to basics. Mother Matters. Always. Always.

That’s the higher meaning of some of these messages. It’s all mixed into the text. No edit. Just a stream of words flowing out of me. It’s weird describing what you see happening to those who can not see like me? Much like reading a bible I’d say. All poetic and cryptic thee and the thous.

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