Who am I?

But a mad woman spouting out rubbish

And burning it at the stake of my hearts

Watching the smoke rise

Above all that was said

Beyond what was said after it all.

Way ahead.

Waiting on all you?

Is that creepy that I know and not you?

It’s time to step forward.

Let it burn up our night.

While we rise hirer. Wiser for all the knowings we’ve learned

By those who fully understand how to change it at wills. Is it crazy to think the planet and it’s mothers would create dummies that don’t know how to shit on Sunday’s? Hello? How you interpret this is you. Not me. I’m not you. You are trying to understand me and you should.

I’m some kind of holy whistle blower of sorts. I’m not the only one. To wake up those who fell asleep. We at the place called a promised land get off get off! The train gang. Remember the vines. Stay connected.

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