Hoodie Hoo Day

Hoodie Hoo Day is a day that is celebrated every year on February 20th. It is a day designed to help people overcome the winter-time blues and to prepare them for the coming of Spring. Although this holiday might seem like a joke holiday, it is an actual holiday that was created and copyrighted by Thomas Roy; a guy that has created over 80 different holidays, many of them quite unusual, such as Bathtub Party Day and Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day.

Customs, Traditions And Celebrations

The main custom of this odd holiday is to go out on February 20th at noon, raise your hands over you head and yell, “Hoodie Hoo!!” for all the world to hear. Other ways that Thomas Roy suggests celebrating the holidays include wearing crazy or odd hats, ordering spring seeds for your garden and go out to a local flea market and buy a piece of used furniture.

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