Guck this world the way it is

Yeah. Guck it. And let’s do better. Is that just to to for anyone to consider? Clean up the messes. Which makes new jobs and new skills learned and we be dragging ourselves down? Slow poking.

It’s like watching the children of the king as it is told in story form and yet being so crazy they can’t see it? The kingdoms design to sustain us all even if we have lost contact and gone crazy. connect. To the planet is a thing. Do it. Read about how. It’s a thing dudes. It’s a thing. Science thing. Earthing is real.

Look around you and the world. What’s do you see? Do you like it? Well what can you do? Start there. What’s money without a fantastic planet to roam? And what’s up with the children? Look at that. Change some shit now. Just change it. Change direction. What’s so hard about it? Don’t get stuck. Just takes one step in a direction to get ya going. No worries needed. All paid up to infinite decimals. Lay that worry down. It’s no good here at this table. Just step and the next step will be shown. Flow. Is key.

Sometimes you go go go. Sometimes you stop or go slower. No need to hate if fright she guides me. Can you feel me. Working for the high Mother Earth? Donated to her from my own mother. Straight up fiend. That’s how it feels. So intense. Called out of class. Teachers pet to illustrate it and you don’t like the content. Cuz that really ain’t you. Just a costume folks seemed to see and slap

On you. You just learning about me bro. I like to take it slow. I understand connections can go intricate. That’s a fact. You touch me. You touching you. Poetry appears as madness before it’s time. Disturbing the status quo of thought modes. Making room for some additions to the rules. Always dude. Get used to it. Things change around here Brothers.

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