Does anyone really know about family dynamic other then see the patterns repeating?

I see how to change them. I’ve change many in me pretending Mama. Those changes. She saw. It’s taken her me explaining to show her how I did it. My job was to grow up pay attention find the words to speak or so she could understand such a foreign idea that not many talk about.

There are many dynamics at play in the family genetic unit. there are added dynamics when people are separated from each other and live with those who are different. You must learn the new dance and maintain your own and at some point they all just merge and you have a new silly dance move to share with the world.

Being adopted for me was like mental calisthenics. Three sides of this story. Telling it raw and hot like we three received it to the brain that fateful day. Healing from a branding. Removing the margins of errors. Plastic surgery of sorts. Rerouting back on course. Reset that head. I’m like riding along side a thorough bred lopping along Setting a new pace. Up in your face. It’s time to go. Move. Move. We changing places. Fix your faces. It’s time to erase all the emotions about it. Betters on the way. It’s so poetic living a human existence. Eminem. Talking. Through me cuz we connected and he like me cuz I’m speaking it so I can take some heat and he can consume it. He’s a fire. Just like me.

Give me some room.

Give me there juice. oh!! Didn’t think I had it in me?

Don’t worry baby I’m making gravy we all can eat at this table.

Cuz these mother lovers is hungry for truths, uglys. Like old home week up in here while they stroll on by parading yet not much of a trace left but me to see cuz I got eyes for that kind of shit. Leaving track in my page. I watching on you. Thank you baby. I’m watching on you too.

Watching on the days they eat most and what they liking. Dark shit. Bittersweet. Tasty. Budding up in the air at me. Do I care? Hell yes. I’m reading those moves like a book. On lock. You guiding me where to scratch that ich. About our Mamas all of us who understand this language. Or are just learning about talking about it all freely and interchangeable. We draw the lines.

This planet teaches us the rules. It’s we that must stay awake and pay attention.

Why doesn’t it matter what others say so much? If it catches your eye and you attract it it’s in you. Like two moths to a flame. Like attracts like. And it’s not a bad thing unless you both can’t work together and transform it into a strength. My Mamas and I are in a three way agreement. I just wanted the record to state in my own words how I felt about that rule. So I don’t have to agree anymore now that I am way out of the systems rules. I am making new rules and setting folks straight about who in charge around here now. I’m a boss. Don’t let this package confuse you.

These woman who created me are very intelligent. It’s hard being what folks call normal. I am not normal. I’m way more them normal. Not less. I am a priceless antique family heirloom. In the loving flesh of me. A price paid for Linda Marie. A gift. A gift. A gift and she ain’t never seen anyone not stop like me. And she likes it she’s hungry. Starving for me. She’s wild. Can’t you see it? Stick with me. I’ll show you. She’s a very sensitive piece if equipment. She will answers your questions even the ones you don’t ask. and the woman I was sent to just repeated my Mamas lines. For years. Cuz I made her. Pay homage to the woman I came from each time she says my name sake. She honors herself second. It that’s simpler not true in our Coventry equally valued each piece of the triad.

It’s is me bringing the honors home to both after the wars have been won, on a silver plater. thy loves served up on a silver platter for the to earth. Ground into this truth. People don’t get this far without great connections. Just saying.

And if you struggle to keep up you got kept. Ok. Sick of people calling it a shame I’m ahead of this game. Saying I’m slow. You all don’t even know what it’s like with two legally rights. Hook up for days. Who needs money when I got this? Hate on you haters who only got one. That’s not my problem. It’s yours, ask yourself why can’t I? Do two? Hmmm? Yeah? Kind hits something there huh? What is that? Maybe address it and undress it? Maybe there’s something to learn?

The right questions illicit a response. like gps. And if you haven’t read the previous this all might not make sense to you. And if it does then welcome aboard.

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