Who’s trapped in who’s lair?

Can my kids run from me here?



Question. Can I run from my own Mama here?



Why would I even try ?

Ask yourself why you even try when I was given away and don’t even try? To run?

So? Who’s lair is it now?

My lair, that’s also my Mamas lair shared by every other Mama here. Okay?


Lesson maybe? Learned by you the reader scrolling this page wondering what the what is up here?

Testing one two three. Anyone even get what I see? Maybe not?

They still attached. To they Mamas and can’t even see what I see from here.

My kids be so funny. Talking smack to me my kids told her thinking I can’t see? Ha ha.

It’s called mother code sweetie. We mothers stuck together to get a job done well. Learn a lesson or two from a woman who’s got two Mamas lairs she always is welcome in times two.

Who am I? Just a child left behind to find your sorry ass and get you to the lair.

Cuz Mamas don’t leave no one behind that don’t know where her lair is for no reason. I’m the tracker of ass that are ungrateful to they Mamas that’s who I am.

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