This is no Amway pyramid scheme presentation girl.

Mamas a schemer from way back. Pop goes the weasel on all y’all. She can keep one secret no one saw coming round her bend Oregon. 🤣🤣💃

That’s right. No wonder she hates lies so much having to keep me under wraps for so long? Y’all missed the clues blues. My a landslide home run hitter.

She’s silent for a darn good reason girl? So I can make my presence known to you. Not the other way round. I got the keys to the cities. And You all wondering how? Ask Mama. As the queen Mother how.

She let me slide in the back door just to open the front door for you all. Hello. Welcome home. Yes. All present and accounted for Mother. I do believe you’ve got our attention. At least mine. Like Mama don’t know us? Where each of us are in life? She wanted y’all to know about me. Finally uninterrupted. Thank you Mama. Thank you.

Yeah. She’s like let baby speak what she got to speak. It’s worth reading in print. I’ll read all the rough drafts and work with you. Now that’s a mama guys and girls. That’s. A mama right there worth it all.

And through the smoke and mirrors of this stories tales of woe and fevers. I keep peeking out to see her. Reading all about her dreams coming true from a place people called a gutter. Wrong. Again. Just a woman backed into a corner and throwing the package to another who could deliver her back when it was the right time. Timing. Is everything when telling a story that twists and turns on a dime or a turd. One nobody’s heard.

But they hearing me now.

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