Angela found this song.

So I want to share it here. Maybe Chelsie can remember this song. We lived in Hendersonville TN. And one night this program came on promoting a group called the Kelly’s. And I bought a recording of them. This exact song. In video form mate. I was taken by the music and the harmony’s and wanted my children to hear them.

The label. Airforce1. Before my eldest even joined the Airforce. And most people don’t see the amazing patterns formed around them like I do. God. Universe. Source. Whatever people call the force of all. Surrounding me with music to feed my children with. To fill them up with what they need to travel an earth gone mad thinking loves died.

Music. The sound of love. Is what this legal alien likes. Sent to love the love of an unattached person, seemingly attached to another only to prove she’s only attached to God and your attached to her. Tell me. Who stuck to the code and who forgot about it now will ya? Please.

Judge not my ass. People be judging all day instead of enjoying one another’s company. So. Many fears about others. Like pale green pants with nobody inside them? But worse. People. So gripped in fears entanglements inside the mind they can’t even enjoy a rhythm? or even understand it due to literal mind waves waving them by. Code speak. Poetry. Whatever. Can you read a feather? I didn’t think so. But I’ll show you how if your done being so fearful now.

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