An Angel angle.

If you call yourself one of Gods own then you must have a trained ear to hear Gods voice everywhere. Fearless.

With every blessing. There is a battle. With whom? The flesh. Fearful. Unwilling to see who’s battling whom? Is it he? Or she? No. It’s you. Battling your own mindset to gain a reset to factory setting from heaven.

Take heart. Why? Because the heart is stronger then the head. That’s why. Take in this nourishment. Blessing in disguise are best served on hot plates of love for those who have become weary waiting on the blessing after the storms taking everything away to make room for more.

Note- more and more and more. Not less. Gods Grace is sufficient for all the needs we have and when folks gonna get that ingrained? It’s basic. Foundational. Yet? What? Folks struggle to believe through the storm? And must wait to believe when served the blessing? Can you read me now? Are you able to see yourself in your own way? Wishing to be seen? Recognize yourself and all your fears. Call the role call. I see you!! Fears are nothing more then parts of yourself you treat worse them a dog. Hungry. Crying. Barking. Feed me! So simple. But folks just got to complicate it.

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