5 years ago. Someone came to

Visit. She did not seem impressed with the reception?! I’ve been there honey. Me too.

She spoke with everyone but me. Told everyone but me how she felt. Hmm? Just a little different then me. I went straight to the source who passed me off and didn’t have time for me. She liked my children better.

My visitor felt let down. But did not even try to speak to me face to face, alone. Scared I guess she might get loved and shown to the door of my heart she ripped open when she left?

She’s smiling? So strange she reported not having had a good visit? Such a review? Will not do for this Mother who’s always been a lover being told she’s a hater by a lover like you.

And time goes by. And a Facebook reminds me of when she came to visit my torn door non resistant to choose to not enter in and sup with the woman who’s body made hers Be. Time and again. Missed marks such as these. Add up up higher. Forming a wall inside her. Cuz this visitor didn’t even have to search for her own Mother like me.

I would have thought it to be better to stay put while she roams the planet so the home fires burn g could guide her back to us? But no. She wants me to chaser her all over kingdom come I guess some daughters are blind to mothers that keep them? who knew?

I held her. Here is the proof that the Facebook assistant gave me to present today here. She’s smiling? Oh. Such a little shit. So lovely. Unaware I’ve always been a fan. Was she a fan of mine is the question? Hmmm? Guess the juries out I suppose?

So funny how Mothers that give up their own daughters in the end trying to get between and controlling it all? Still trying to make your life a mess that she can’t seem see she made, not me. Messin with my children’s minds? Oh please.

And while I write my sons part of a union. He’s moving up. 185. Nice. Some don’t get tripped up on Mamas that leave. Success. Another loves me too. But threes the number for me. When they all get it. Get where they came from and how my Mama thought is was only to find out how it is. Love. Stays strong to those that water it like me.

Can I help it that visiter go interpreted by a fowl ball like my Moms bullshit show wants to read. I got the ball all along while you got to check my beginning out. So messed up, by no other then A Mother who couldn’t open her gifts who’s trying to steal a blessing given to me. Wow.

Now that some drama central there. Still not satisfied with her decisions she’s got to mess with mine. I kept them!! All gifts!! All precious. Take you claws of my kin that’s came from me. Not you. I chose. I choose. And. I shared them with you ungrateful woman without a clue. Who’s who.

Please stop dragging me through your mud. No thank you. I just came home to love you but you stopped watering your own garden and blamed the dead flowers on me. I watered my garden of love for you so much I got three to keep and a garden of more. You could learn from a woman like me how to grow a garden that’s that strong.

Poets. So misunderstood.

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