When the haters are your own people. your own self.

Read me out. Hear me out.

What’s hate anyway? If not the flip side of a love 45 playing all backwards and forwards till you get it. Stay steady. Rock steady. Surrender to the process of becoming a lover gone hater. Addicted to the drugs of illusions. Feeling diluted. Strong objecting to the reflecting of your own aura in another? Hater or lover. You choosin. Not me.

I’m awake. Always have been since my Mama dropped me off at the neighbors long ago so they could do better than she could at raisin me. Wonder if she agrees with her younger self now that she can clearly see her reflection staring back at her through me asking, “was it all worth it honey? Would you do it again to finally realize love stays alive and won’t die cuz, loves your friend, are you loves friend is the question?”

If this is what loved demanded of me. And love did demand this of me. To adjust and alter my course to learn a new course and teach it to my own Mama. Fact. And the only one here that can track my path is my own Mama. Tracking my steps and calculating my progress. Like a master of delusions watching all the haters come out to taste what they think is hate, mixed with my sweat and my blood and poured onto this page for all to drink of loves nectar. Sounds sick? Your sick. Drink it in your brain. Tea time has been served to everyone. Right here. By a master of delusions. I Be Linda’s and Jeans. Yep.

Eyes and ears for Mama bears. In a world of Mama Bear haters unawares. That’s what I see Mamas? What a sight to behold. I’ve seen enough. May I go home to you both now? Have I learned all the lesson about ungrateful children? How can I help children when I’ve been an adult my whole

Life watching fools hate they Mamas and I’ve got two? Why? Would I hate you two? Who stand by me? Are you gonna believe all those things those fools gonna say about you today?” Hell no. Not with me on watch. Pointing out that I see it too. The supposed child rejected payed her attentions where her attentions most needed. On her tow Mamas everywhere in the world. Mamas looking for gratitude for their efforts. 👋👋👋👋

Can you see me waving now above this crowd of whiners and dinners? Hello!! Yoo-hoo! You two lady’s that cake together in your respective corners of my world!! It’s me!! The product of your mathematical equations’ coming together on my behalf. I am showing you both honor by showing you both working inside of me. All together. Working together. So you can see you are both team players. Forget those haters. I’m a lover.

Would I do it again gladly? Yes. Will it be easy? No. And you will gladly do it again? Yes. Infinitely. Why? Because Mother is worth the effort to show her loves no loser. That’s why.

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