Six feet under.

People. My children think I don’t understand when I’ve watch them have what I lost. A love. Ow six feet under blooming in them.

To watch what could have been. Nuffed out to be reborn again in me. From me. The seeds of my pleasure. Rehearse what we would not perform together do do faulty weather. when you were still mine. A tether was build no one could treat down. Though your body lay in the cold ground. I went on to do the work we began so long long ago.

And created the family all our own. From one woman’s seed multiplied and the memories of a brother. tell me. Do you see all I’ve done my brother. Is it enough my brother. Left behind but taken hold of by me brother. Do you see all my life has amounted to brother due to you.

Six feet under is not to far to reach for an answer. When your DNA is my answer within this circle of existence. think I would forget you existed just cus our Mama chose to extinguish us. I’d love to tell this story for both of the glories of us. I would recite the storylines of days gone by when you were still mine. Like I could forget you. What a lark. What a lie. To think that I could forget someone like we were once upon a midnight dream.

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