Needed me

Yes. Mama. You needed me. Do you want me yet? Wanting means you’ve figure out what’s inside is better then standing around outside of it. Think.

Didn’t they tell you I was a savage.

Fucking white horse with a carriage?

Gonna pick you up

After Daddy’s let you down

Cinderella’s no clown

She made another who do the job better then she wanted done. she threw her prayers like orders for the forgetful wind that remembers all the order given by Mamas under covers creating risers from their magic ovens. Stars in the making. Hidden. To bright for everyone to see. Blinded by science. Called me. My Mamas girl talking smack in the streets getting the ungratefuls attention. Their wisdom alive in me crying out in the streets now. Free to do a collective Mamas will in a world of haters who want to be lovers of their own Mothers and need to get it. Get it.

We stick together even if appearing separated like sheep. I’m dragging all this out of my Mamas hands now and taking this flame higher. So everyone can see their flames burn together inside of me.

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