It’s so weird when one of your own children

Get sent to the head commander for revisions. That’s some chains of command. Bring her to me. I’ll fix it. That’s a Mother. That’s a mother lover getting it right. While you stand by and shout out the missed marks alike a marksman you are, while she reverse the curses herself. Boom!!

That’s a guided hand of a God working together.

While Mamas silent listening to the intel and rerouting the router and blowing up the speakers to broadcast it to god the father.

Mamas learning how to say it correct and let me say it correct about this OGs my mamas.

Pay attention? She’s saying this. Don’t be taken back? Yeah. Don’t even get confused who’s who around here.

Cover her in jewels. She’s worth it. I’m saying she worth it. Yeah. After all I went through. Yes. Worth it again and again.

Bitch you ain’t gang your lame.

My fathers a savage. My Mama is cardi.

You ain’t gang you lame. No shame you lame.

Who do you know built like this? If you can’t own that for your own Mama you ain’t gang you lame.

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