Yes. I hooked you.

How do I know this? Troll reports. Lack of likes. But you keep coming back for more without thanking me.

Trolls. Fishing for trolls. Not many see this angle. But I do. You don’t got to like me. But you come and take the medicine anyway. Off and on as needed or guided to show up to ole psyche cafe in the sky to sip some crazy ass medicine.

Voodoo. Hoodoo. Smoodooo. Doodoo. Praying spell without knowing. You need to pray for the highest good not just what your brain thinks is best. Why not? What is the highest good of all even look like? Have you considered that even? Entertained the idea of such benevolent power? Covering us all? Instead of hoarding our prayers for ourselves? Only? Hmmm? That’s an idea worth knowing more closely.

Cuz I’ve been praying for other people my whole life and being rewarded without even uttering a word for myself. Anyone else? Getting this affect effect? I pray for someone. What I need comes. I’ve been praying for my Mama for years. Was lead to pray for her. Early. Called to pray for her. Lift her up in prayers and good intentions for the highest good. For her and all. For I dared to go higher. So one day I would stand so tall my Mama could see me from where she is and know how much I’ve grown. Due to her prayers received and sent back with love every time. AOL my ass. Postcards of the hearts from mother to daughter and daughter back to Mother a constant post office of momentous passed to each other without pen or letter. Under and over the radar detectors.

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