How does the church learn anything?

Ask yourself. How does the church learn anything? Who is the church? Really? What’s the temple? Really? Is it a building? Or is it the body? What is real?

Seems like the Bible says the body is the temple? And we need to take care of it because the holy Ap’s it lives within each of us? Self care.

But what I see is a whole bunch of groups of people that projected the meaning out words and built boxes and houses and called them temples. Does that seem like a weird morph? Kind of like a cancer cell? Groups of people choosing to worship in one way and not all the ways available. Hmmm? Yes. I see it. Do you? See the pattern of behavior to cluster fuck each other? Hmmm? Huh? My my my.

As a grounded person. Very grounded. God had to help me go high mined to see this one. High minded people limiting their earthly good due to what? Anyone know what? Ok. I’ll tell you. They lost touch with reality is always moving. This ball goes around 1000 miles an hour honeys? We moving. Constantly. Update and upgrade all day. All night honey. Put it all. Together. Not just some and leave the rest. And I have gone there to Christian town honeys. I’ve been watching y’all dancing with fear all the time. Trying to shake it off and not realizing it’s on you. The out of date interpretations. Insanity dance.

Someone does not slime you. Slime is slime. Shake it off if someone sneezes on you emotionally. It’s ok. Stop being grossed out by each other we are all the same and different colors and shapes and sizes. My goodness. It’s gonna take a woman to set this shoe straight? Well alrighty then. Tap tap tap. Pay attention. We complicate it. basic rules apply. The rest is shit talk fear talk bullshit.

Like labels. Folks stuck in labelville. Label. Label. Label. Cross train. Learn about the label. Test what’s inside the container labels this or that bypolar whatever. Test. I’ve found many more things beyond a label by opening them up to taste. Sanity. What’s is this sanity word? What is real to you may not be real to me? Test me. See it I came change your mind about what you think you believe. Cuz we all got mustard seeds of faith inside us. I can grow anything. I am a multiplication equation myself. Came into the world in one limo to be transferred to another world all together. Paparazzi catch my fly and my cocky fresh. Way under the radar detector. Faith seed is me. planted by God precisely. Perfectly connected to her ground control lady’s. Always hiding me and guiding me til my time was rip for the harvesting.

Just a small town girl. Living in a lonely world she took the midnight train going anywhere. What’s that mean? She a small town girl. Simple. But intelligent to wait to take a train. Prepared to go anywhere. A practical girl loaded with hopes to fulfill. Taking flight young into the world of adulthood to help them remember to be child like and not dumb adults. Sheep. Trodding a well worn road to who even knows? Watch the children. And remember wonder.

How can any church learn and grow without wonder? Rules by fear and so simple unaware the leaven is present always and must be maintained. so as to not take over. Get grounded. Eat earth. Ferments. Balanced salts from sea and earth. Yogurt. Bless the food and the giver. Again. And again. A habit must be maintained. Bless all you do and all you do will be blessed.

Of course I know this. But I was called to go there to find out what a life without blessing really looks like and to love those caught in the delusion of not enoughville. Can you even see what I’ve been looking at? Just people taken over with fears. My Mama gave me away is not even enough to jolt folks back to? Sanity. They read the Bible and yet they struggle to practice so fear can’t take hold. I had to slow down to feel what it’s like so I can describe it well so you will know I know how you feel. So we can rise up out of it wiser for the fall. Why is everyone in such denial about falling? It’s supposed to be a landing folks. We practice landing. But people call it falling. Stuck thinking it’s about falling well. No. You lint licker! Pickle you kumquat. So serious. So dull. So. So. Luke warm. I see. Why god spews them out. They rotten. Bingo!

I eat salty all day. And earth my water real good with minerals. Do you do that? And why not? Pray tell? Your dumb excuses. Where does the water come from? Then go? Then get treated? Or packaged in what? Plastic. Yes. Where do the mineral leach too? Yes. What are we doing? To ourselves? Insanity. How many nutrients does the body need? Where do you get them? A bottle? Food!! Read the labels. And try something new. Rich in minerals and just take a moment and see if you feel better? Calmer. Centered. Try me. Minerals. Dirt. Eat it. Soup. Water. Juice. Whatever. Throw it in. Clay. Activated charcoal. Diatomaceous earth. Celtic sea salt. A complete electro lite balanced mineral combination made for us by the sea. Like restoring our tears back to us fresher then before. So we can see all the blessings.

Put it all together. Fear is ignorance parading around like a know it all spread lies people believe. A traveling salesman. Of doubts and fears people have been buying into it for years and years. You don’t have to change your life style. Just add dirt and fermented foods, salt to your diet and watch your body do its thing with it. It’s amazing. To those who read code well. The Bible is a code book chalked full of knowledge to those who seek it everywhere. A medical book of your eyes can focus to see it. Science told before hand so we know what we are looking for. To test it until we see the whole meaning not just what’s trending. Surface.

To be a scholar of life. To study it all. And see how it all fits. And how we fit. Watching the world patterns of grow and death and new life. How pain teaches us what joy feels like so we long for it like breaths. The ebb and flow of give and take.

Yeah. I lead out with the trash. To ward of the trash. So those really seeking can have a chance to digest what’s written here. Putting out the trash is basic. But having folks diggin in it is different. but okay! Here we go. My Mama has struggled to believe I am this interesting that so many people have. Personally interviews me and asked me all these questions and answers forever. Miss Belinda. I hear you are what they call Adopted. Can you give us a sound bite if what that’s like. Well. I’ll try. It’s like being a huge bright light being crammed into a small box. Thank you. For asking me that.

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