Creative working in the making.

How fun an idea is this! Gran Gran never thought about rock dolls! Fourth generation. Artist. Full of fun ideas waiting to happen. What the hell is everyone waiting for?? To stay all sad and gloomy about me? If everything else is so great? Think about me missing it. Does that feel great? So? At some point y’all realize I’ve been waiting on you? Just like God knocking on a door or two trying to get someone to open up and let them in.

If I was a test angel we all failed. You kept sending me off instead of keeping me in. Did you once stop me from leaving I ask? Did ya? Love yourself first and then call me. I love myself twice. As ordered. By God and two Mothers. I know what’s what around here. Do you?

This Moses Anne if Green Gables, orphan Annie, trader. Traded kid’s worth some money. But you got to keep me alive if you wanna see me manifest it. Two Mothers together would make it a bit easier to create more. I plan on donating quite a bit to charity. dreams come true if you want them bad enough to tell folks what you ordered a long time ago and how long you have been waiting to be served. By your two Mothers. And how they laughed at me and laughed at you. Cuz I said one day I’d get it.

They doubted both my Mamas love for me and it’s strength to draw us back together physically, mentally, spiritually. That it’s destiny for them to meet. And the family must be ready to receive us with open arms. Mama would have it no other way or we’d have done it all ready. So. What’s the hitch? Us. The adult children coming together in front of them. Giving them both honor. We are writing it as I feel it should be done for them.

Is this what home is? Well? Clean it up! And have a party! Like get the hot tub going. Music. Dancing silly. Food. Laughter. Fill the house with it! So both my Mamas now yours too if you can even see it that way? Mamas got a lady friend who’s real special. What did she train you to do? What did she do in cases like this? Can we make something fun up? Are we able? To adapt to an old script that appears new?

Thank you.

Who’s getting the last laugh? We.

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